Asylum sequel Meds is out now!

Meds, the sequel to Asylum, is out now from Amazon! I said before that I didn’t think I’d ever write a sequel to Asylum, and that was the plan until the idea for Meds came to me. There will also be a third book later, to complete a trilogy.

Here’s the start of the blurb:

At the edge of a ruined town, a burned-out hospital houses one final, functional ward.

There, a small group of doctors and nurses tend to patients who have been consigned to the Overflow. Unloved, forgotten by the people who knew them, these are the patients who will never receive visitors. If something happens to them, no-one will ask questions.

When I wrote Asylum, there was no plan to ever continue the story. It was only much later that I started thinking about bringing Nurse Winter and some of the other characters back. The Prison (2014) was at one point going to be a sequel to Asylum, although that plan changed and it became a different book. Now Meds is here to show what happened after, and in some cases before, the original Asylum story.

The third book in the trilogy will be out later this year or maybe in 2016, it’s still a way off. The first few chapters are already written, and although I’m not sure of the title yet, I think it might be something to do with mail and the postal service…

The Haunting of Emily Stone is out now at Amazon

hauntingcover2The Haunting of Emily Stone is out now at Amazon. Set over several years, it’s the story of a man who wants to believe in ghosts, and a little girl who’s forced to tell a terrible lie.

Here’s the blurb:

Twenty-four years ago, Robert Slocombe thought he had proof that ghosts were real. British newspapers filled their pages with photos of little Emily being tormented by what seemed to be a malevolent spirit. And then the whole thing turned out to be a trick, and Robert’s career was over.

Until now.

One day Emily Stone, now a grown woman with a child of her own, contacts Robert out of the blue and begs for his help. She claims that her daughter is being tormented by a dark entity, and that parts of her original story were true after all. Robert dismisses Emily’s claims out of hand and tells her to leave him alone, but then a horrific incident forces him to go back to the scene of his greatest humiliation. Was the haunting of Emily Stone really a hoax, or was there a sliver of truth at its heart?

The usual price is $2.99 from, or £1.99 from It’s also available free for Kindle Unlimited readers to borrow.

Tenderling is out now at Amazon

TenderlingTenderling is a new horror novella about a little girl who realizes there’s something hiding in her family’s new house. Unfortunately, she’s about to discover that getting rid of a Tenderling is pretty much impossible…

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Tenderlings, but it’s the first time I’ve based a whole book on them. They first appeared way, way back in the first series of Dark Season, and since then they’ve made brief appearances in both Lupine Howl and Dead Souls. Each appearance has added a little more information about what they are, where they come from, and how they operate. In Tenderling, however, you’ll learn a lot more.

Tenderling is $2.99 from Amazon (here’s the link for, and here’s the link for

Dead Souls Volumes One and Two now available!

deadsoulscompletev1coverThe first two collected volumes of Dead Souls are now available from Amazon!

Because of the huge size of the Dead Souls serial, I’m dividing it up into 13-part chunks. There are two reasons for this: first, because that’s how I plot out the story, and second, because if the collected volumes were any larger, I wouldn’t be able to put out paperback versions. As it is, they’re coming in at around 800 pages each, which is just shy of the maximum page-count offered by Createspace.

deadsoulscompletev2coverDead Souls is designed as a kind of ongoing paranormal romance / horror serial. I currently have the first 65 parts mapped out, but I hope to keep it going longer than that. I know that a lot of readers are wary of authors who cut up books into smaller chunks to make money, but I want to make it clear that that’s not what I’m doing with Dead Souls at all. This is an ongoing serial, with real cliffhangers each week, and I’m writing it because I grew up loving TV soap operas like Eastenders, Coronation Street, Neighbours and (from the USA) Days of Our Lives.

Yes, I know it’s a bit odd for a Brit to like Days of Our Lives, but it’s true! I’ve always had a soft spot for E.J. and Sami, as well as the version of Shawn who was in it up until around 2005 / 2006. So yeah, I could go on and on, but I love ongoing stories and I’ve always wanted to write one. I’d been planning Dead Souls for a while, and then when Kindle Unlimited launched with its unlimited subscription offer, I realized the time was right!

Ward Z: Revelation is out today!

wardzrevelationfinalcoverWard Z: Revelation is out today from Amazon! As the title suggests, this is a sequel to Ward Z, which came out back in 2013.

Having said that this is a sequel, however, I should point out that for the most part Ward Z: Revelation contains completely new characters. Only one character from the original Ward Z shows up in the new book, although the storyline is definitely rooted in the original and the focus is once again on the cancer mutants. And the original hospital is quite important still…

When I wrote Ward Z, I had no real plans to write a sequel, but the idea kind of snuck up on me. It’s quite different in tone, but I hope you’ll like it. And if you do, then hopefully you’ll be pleased to learn that a third book is on the way later in the year! Ward Z: Apocalypse will finish up this loose trilogy.

The Writer is out now at Amazon

The Writer by Amy Cross

The Writer is out now from Amazon. It’s a novella about a woman who turns to her neighbor for help when she sees the ghosts of her dead husband and daughter.

Dead Souls news, plus Grave Girl 2 coming very soon!

Just a quick update to say that Graver Girl (Grave Girl 2) is coming very soon, almost certainly within the next week. The delay has been due to two things. First, a need to change the ending, which now sets up the third book in the series; and second, some changes to Dead Souls as that serial moves past its original thirteen-part run.

After part 13 of Dead Souls, there will be a short break, just a week or two. This is partly to exploit the big cliffhanger, and partly to facilitate a small change to the way future installments are released. Starting with part 14, there will be pre-orders, which means each new part will be available to pre-order at least a week before its actual release date. Dead Souls has always been a bit of an experiment, so little things are changing all the time.

There’ll also be a Dead Souls omnibus at the end of October, containing parts 1 to 13. I’m putting the file together now, and it’s coming out at roughly 900 pages. I have to cut some of the back-matter, though, because 900 is slightly above the maximum limit allowed by Createspace for the paperback edition. Speaking of which, paperbacks of Asylum and other books are still in the pipeline, I hope to have more news soon!