The Civil Dead (Dark Season IV)

From Amazon:

Sophie’s life is falling apart. First, she makes a frightening discovery about her health. Then she learns that her father has been murdered. And finally, she can’t find Patrick, the vampire who might be the only one who can help her.

Sophie has fallen victim to a Tenderling, a vicious creature that intentionally causes pain and misery so it can feed off its victim’s emotions. Manifesting as the ghost of Sophie’s father, the Tenderling is determined to push Sophie to the brink of madness.

Patrick realises that there is only one way he can save Sophie. But first, he has to confront a figure from his past. Deep within an underground chamber, a man known only as The Lock is the only one who can help. But the price for his assistance might be too great…

Tragedy strikes at the beginning of the fourth Dark Season book: Sophie’s father is murdered hundreds of miles away. As she struggles to come to terms with her grief, Sophie finds that everything in her life seems to be going wrong. And just when she needs him the most, Patrick has started keeping away.

But Patrick knows what is really happening to Sophie. She has become the latest victim of a Tenderling, a vicious creature that feeds off negative emotions. As he tries to find a way to get the creature away from Sophie before it’s too late, Patrick realises that one false move could cause the Tenderling to panic and kill its victim.

Available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK). Word count: approximately 20,000 words. Part of a series.


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