The Architect (Lupine Howl V)

From Amazon:

Jess returns to London with Darla, hoping to finally track down Duncan. Darla agrees to help, but only if Jess helps her with her own mission: to track down a friend who vanished while working at the mysterious new Baum Building.

As Jess and Darla investigate the Baum Building, they discover the dark secret behind the recent disappearance of acclaimed architect Franklin Baum. And they discover that Baum’s hideous plans might have something to do with not only the disappearance of Darla’s friend, but also the fate of Duncan.

The fifth Lupine Howl book begins with Jess and Darla arriving back in London. They soon discover that a number of people have disappeared while working at the new Baum Building, a huge skyscraper created by an architect who disappeared shortly before the building was finished. As they investigate further, Jess and Darla discover what happened to Baum, and they find out the dark secret of his building.

At first, Jess views the Baum Building as an unwelcome distraction from her attempt to track down Duncan. But then she discovers a number of links between Baum and the werewolf community, leading her to suspect that Duncan’s disappearance is inextricably linked to the Baum Building, which just happens to have been built right on top of the legendary wolf pit beneath the city.

The Architect (Lupine Howl V) is available now from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK). Word count: approximately 20,000 words. Part of a series.


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