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Reviews and so on

The Civil Dead (Dark Season IV) is still completely free at Amazon, but only for a few more hours. It will probably go free again around New Year, but why wait that long? And if you like it (or even if you don’t), a review is always welcome.

Speaking of which, I finally got my first bad review on Amazon: someone offered just one star for At War With the Hamptons. You can read the review here, and the person leaves no doubt as to why he/she didn’t like the book. To be fair to the reviewer, I can see his/her point: if you went into the book expecting any of the characters to be redeemed in any way whatsoever, you’d be disappointed. Perhaps I should have made it easier for the reader to develop empathy for at least one of the characters, but that’s not really the book I wanted to write. So there you go! I’ll avoid succumbing to the urge to leap out of the window for now!

And here’s a quick update on the KDP Select program, which allows authors to have their books borrowed by Amazon Prime users and also allows you to list your book for free during five days in each 90-day period. So far, I’ve found that it gives a small but definite boost to actual sales, and it also gives you a bit of a boost in the overall rankings. Nothing stellar, but definitely something worth thinking about. Still, I think I’m going to keep some of my books on Smashwords, while putting others in KDP Select (you have to give Amazon exclusive digital rights to use the latter).

It’ll be interesting to see what happens over Christmas and New Year. There will undoubtedly be a hell of a lot of people unwrapping brand new Kindles and Nooks. What will they choose to buy? I’m not expecting a big rise in sales, but those new e-readers have to be filled up with something.

Okay, that’s enough from me for today! I have to get back to some writing work, since I’m currently working on two books: The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller (Dark Season V) and a longer project titled American Murder. I also need to finish the sequel to The Dead and the Dying at some point. I’ll be back with another post later in the week, when I’ll have news of something new that I’m trying.


Get The Civil Dead (Dark Season IV) on Amazon!

The Civil Dead (Dark Season IV) is now available to buy on Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK). At the moment, it costs 99 cents (or about 86p in the UK), but I’m setting up a free period that will allow you to download it without paying anything. That free period will run from Sunday to Monday.

If you like The Civil Dead, let me know! And if you don’t like it, also let me know! I like criticism, good and bad.

So now it’s on to number 5 in the series, The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller, which will be out on December 29th.

Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead uploaded, slight change in details

I’ve just uploaded Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead to Amazon. It takes between 1 and 12 hours for its to appear online, so I’ll add a link as soon as one’s available.

There’s a slight change to how I’m releasing this one, but don’t worry, there’ll still be a free version! I’m not releasing the book on Smashwords, only on Amazon. This means that it’ll cost 99 cents and there won’t be a free Smashwords version.

However, I’m going to run a promotion offering it for free on Amazon for a limited period. The promotion is set to start on Sunday (tomorrow) and will run for a couple of days, so you’ll still be able to read it for free.

So there will still be a free version of the book, but you’ll have to get it from Amazon instead of Smashwords, and the free version will only be up on Sunday and Monday. I hope that’s clear, let me know if you have any questions. If for some reason you’re anti-Amazon, you can contact me directly for a free copy by email, as a pdf.

I’ve made this change because I’ve enrolled the book in KDP Select, which means I’m not allowed to also put it on Smashwords.

As you can see, I also changed the cover slightly. I liked the old cover, but I decided it was too dark. When people are looking online, they usually just see a thumbnail and I felt the thumbnail of the original wouldn’t stand out. So here’s the new one, which I like.

Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead is coming out on Friday!

Just a quick update to say that instead of rushing to get Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead out earlier this week, I’m setting a new date for its release. It will now be out on Friday.

The delay is because, once again, I’ve made some last minute changes. Basically I had a good idea, so I went back through the book to make some alterations and introduce this new idea. So the book is now being proofread and will be up on Friday.

I’m also wondering whether to get the cover changed, because it might be too dark. I like it, but too dark? Possibly…

Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead cover

The Civil Dead coverOkay, here’s the cover for Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead. Hope you like it, I personally think it works better when it’s big and you can see the details, whereas the smaller versions just make it look like a black smudge. But that’s my fault, not the designer’s, because I really wanted it to look like this.

The book should be available on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how fast I work over the next few days. There’s still a little bit of work to do, including getting it proofread and asking a few people whether they think I should leave something in that I’m worried about. We’ll see how that goes…

Sneak preview of the prologue to Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead

If anyone fancies reading a sneak preview of the prologue to Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead, you can do so here on Facebook. The book itself will be released on Wednesday 14th December, watch this space for a link.

Update on Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead

How is Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead going, you ask? Well, it’s going fine, thanks! It’s almost finished and I aim to have it out by Wednesday at the latest.

I was hoping it might be ready on Monday, but I’ve done some tinkering with it. The plot took an unexpected direction and I ended up adding a new sub-plot that I had to think about very carefully, because I didn’t want to seem to be sensationalising something that is actually quite serious in real life. You’ll understand if you read it.

So what’s the book about? It’s a little darker and more psychological than the first three books, and it delves much deeper into Patrick’s feelings for Sophie, which aren’t necessarily what you expect. Patrick took a back seat in Dark Season II: Sentinel and Dark Season III: Army of Wolves, but in Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead he’s back to the kind of prominence he had in Dark Season: The Last Vampire.

What else happens? Sophie goes through a lot, physically and emotionally, and by the end of the book she’s permanently changed in both ways. You’ll also learn what a Tenderling is and why it’s so bad to let one into your bed, and you’ll find out what Sophie’s friend Shelley likes to do with her old sleeping bag. Oh, and someone dies; someone who has been mentioned more than once in previous books.

The cover is almost finished and should be up later today.

Aaaaargh! Fractured elbow as I put finishing touches to Army of Wolves

And today was going so well…

Then I managed to get knocked over by a guy who was rollerblading along the street and shoulderbarged me, and unfortunately I fell really awkwardly and fractured my elbow. Okay, I admit it: as I fell, I landed on a bag of shopping and it was a tin can that did the damage to my poor elbow. How dramatic! The characters in my books never suffer such mundane injuries. I’d post a photo, but there’s nothing to see so far, it’s just slightly swollen and I’m nervously waiting to feel what the pain’s like in the morning.

And guess what? The rollerblader didn’t even stop! Nice!

Anyway, this did slightly delay Dark Season III: Army of Wolves, which will now definitely be out on Wednesday. It’s finished, proofread and checked. I’ve converted the file and uploaded it to Amazon, so Amazon is now doing its thing, which can take anywhere between 12 and 24 hours. So I confidently state that the book will be available this time tomorrow!

I also have to put the Smashwords version up, which isn’t complicated but to be honest I feel I need to take some paracetamol and go to bed. So I’ll sort that out tomorrow and it’ll probably be up before the Amazon version appears.

The good news is that Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead is pretty much finished and should be up in less than a week. If you want an idea for how the narrative is developing, I’d say that The Last Vampire, Sentinel and Army of Wolves form a very loose trilogy in terms of Sophie’s developing relationship with Patrick. The next couple of books are quite standalone, although you will learn something very surprising about Vincent. I’m aware Vincent has been in the background so far, but he’s defnitely there for a reason. As is someone else who has been popping up briefly in each book.

Right. Paracetamol. Bed. Hope you enjoy Army of Wolves tomorrow!