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Dark Season VII: Testament is out! Here’s the link to Amazon

Here it is: Dark Season VII: Testament at Amazon.com and at Amazon.co.uk. Sorry it was delayed, the problem was a combination of the fact that I was ill during the week and lost a day’s proof-reading time, and then once the book was uploaded it seemed to take forever for it to appear on Amazon. Anyway, it’s there now. Enjoy!

This is the penultimate book in the current series of Dark Season novels. There will be one more, later this month, titled Dead End, and then the series will take a little break before coming back later in the year. I always planned to do it like this, and it feels good to be on target with the first eight-book series. Testament sets up a lot of what will be happening in Dead End.

Testament costs 99 cents (or equivalent in your  country), although I’ll be making it free for a few days starting on Monday. I was hoping to set it free starting today (Sunday) but due to the way the Amazon system works, that wasn’t possible. So if you’re used to getting them for free, which is fine by me, you can do that starting tomorrow!


Still waiting for Dark Season VII: Testament to appear on Amazon!

Just a quick note to say that I’m still waiting for Dark Season VII: Testament to appear on Amazon. It has been uploaded, it usually takes a maxium of 12 to 24 hours to appear but obviously things can be a little slower depending on how the Amazon servers are feeling. It’s worth the wait, I promise!

Dark Season VII: Testament being uploaded to Amazon today!

After a bit of a delay, Dark Season VII: Testament is now being uploaded to Amazon. It will then take about 24 hours to become available (although sometimes it’s quicker, it depends how fast Amazon’s systems are working at the moment), so I’ll post here when that’s done.

The book would have been ready sooner, but I lost a day and a half’s editing time this week when I was a bit ill for a while. All is fine now, though! As usual, I’ll be setting the new book up for some free days on Amazon, which should start on Sunday. Otherwise, the book will cost the usual price of 99 cents on Amazon.com and the equivalent on Amazon.co.uk and others.

Now there’s just Dark Season VIII: Dead End to get finished and published! After that, I’ll be taking a break from the Dark Season books for a few months before bringing them back with the second ‘series’, which I’ve already got planned out. All the characters from the first series will be back… Well, all the ones who survive Testament and Dead End, anyway. Let’s just say that the body count goes up in the next few books…


Here’s a preview for Dark Season VII: Testament

Here’s a preview for Dark Season VII: Testament, which is out later this week. As usual, it’ll all make sense (kind of) when you’ve read the whole book:

It takes six of them to pull me from the bed: two on each arm, two on each leg, one to keep my head steady and a sixth standing by with a tranquilliser in case I manage to get free. As they carry me to the wheelchair, I start to struggle. They don’t understand, they’ll never understand, what it will be like for me if they take me through that door.

As they try to put me in the wheelchair, I manage to get an arm loose. I grab the head of one of the orderlies, pull him towards me, then slam his face down into the arm of the wheelchair, breaking is nose and a few other bones. He falls away, blood pouring out of him, and I feel the familiar prick of a needle sliding into my shoulder from behind.

“Get him out of here!” shouts one of the orderlies, as the injured man is helped away.

The straps are tightened around my wrists and ankles. For a moment, just a moment, I feel the tranquilliser start to do its work, coursing through my veins. But it doesn’t really work. They’ve tried everything, up to and including industrial elephant-grade drugs usually used by veterinarians to bring down large animals. It’s cute, but they never really have any effect.

“We’re going to take you to the observation room, John,” says one of the orderlies. “Just for a short visit, do you understand? No-one’s going to hurt you?”

I turn and stare at the door, which they’ve left open. They don’t understand what’s happening here.

“John, we have to take you to the observation room,” the orderly continues, speaking carefully and clearly. “There’s really nothing to be scared of. Just relax and we’ll be back in your room in no time, okay?”

The wheelchair is turned to face the door. I’m calm, but there’s a reason: I’m gathering my strength, every ounce of my power, because one thing is very clear. There is no fucking way I am ever leaving this room.

“Okay, John,” says another orderly. “Calm down and enjoy the trip”. He starts to wheel me towards the door. At first, I don’t do anything. I’m waiting until I have as much strength as possible. Finally, as the wheelchair is about to leave the room, I get to my feet and smash the wheelchair into the faces of two of the orderlies, ripping my arms and legs free in the process.

I feel three or four little needles slide into my back, and I turn to face the final orderly, who has stabbed me with the last remaining syringes.

“Don’t hurt me,” he begs. “Please don’t hurt me!”

I make a mistake. I pause for a moment and regard him with something approaching compassion. I could snap his neck, or rip his head from his shoulders, but for just a split second I consider letting him live. And those few seconds are all he needs to run towards me, pushing me backwards and out through the door. By the time I hit the ground, the ringing has started in my head and the agony is so intense that I have to scream.

“Come on -” says the orderly, who has landed on top of me, but I throw him into the wall and manage to crawl back into the room. I pull the door shut. The ringing has stopped now, and the only sound is the moaning of a few injured orderlies who I should have killed anyway. When will these people learn? I must never leave this room. Not ever. All our lives depend on this.

The Company of Angels released today, Dark Season VII: Testament coming later this week!

The second John Mason thriller, The Company of Angels, is out now at Amazon. You can get it here from Amazon.com or here from Amazon.co.uk. The book was pretty heavily delayed, having originally been set to come out two weeks ago, but I just couldn’t get it finished. The plot took ages to resolve, because there was one significant problem that I just couldn’t get over. Eventually I found a way. Anyway, there’s one more John Mason book to come, titled Until the Day I Die, which will be out in a month or so.

Meanwhile, all the work on The Company of Angels hasn’t distracted me from Dark Season VII: Testament, which will be out later this week. It was supposed to be out tomorrow (Tuesday) but it’ll now be a few days later. I’ll be posting a teaser tomorrow, though, and it’s quite a different book to the rest of the series, although I said that about Gothos as well. Anyway, Testament changes everything in the series. If you thought Gothos shook things up, wait until you see the who, what, where, why and how of Testament!

Here’s the cover for Dark Season VII: Testament

It’s still a week or so away, but here’s the cover for Dark Season VII: Testament. I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, but let’s just say it picks up a little while after the previous book, Gothos, and it deals directly with what happened towards the end of that book. There’s a plot development from Gothos that I won’t give away for anyone who hasn’t read it yet, but let’s just say that the ‘thing’ that Sophie might ‘have’ is going to be explored very thoroughly in Testament.

It’s really weird to believe that this is the seventh book. After Testament there will be just one more book in this first ‘series’ of Dark Season. So there will be Dark Season VII: Testament and Dark Season VIII: Dead End, and then a little break while I plot out the second series of books. If you’re wondering whether the first series will end on a cliffhanger, the answer is a definite YES! In fact, it will end on about five cliffhangers.

And if you’re wondering if I’m making the story up as I go along, the answer is a definite NO! I know exactly where Dark Season is headed, and I’d just like to thank people who have been reading the books. I hope you like them so far, and I hope you like what happens next…