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Joanna Mason, a Dark Season box set, and coming soon: Ward Z!

deadanddyingcomp1First, The Dead and the Dying: A Joanna Mason Novel is out now from Amazon, priced $2.99. It’s the story of a detective who discovers that she’s dying, just as a copycat serial killer strikes.

I originally started the story a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t happy with its direction and I worked on it for a long time (including changing the main character, John Mason, into a woman named Joanna) before I was finally happy with it. There are no ghosts, vampires or monsters in this one, although I tried to include a few moments of horror.

I’m planning a second Joanna Mason novel soon, titled The Company of Angels, and I’ve planned out an initial trilogy of books. I know how Mason’s story ends, but I haven’t quite nailed down her route to that final destination. Not yet, anyway…

darkseasonboxsetMeanwhile, the complete Dark Season series has been dusted down for a box set edition. I figured it had been a while since the series finished, so now would be a good time to give it a small refresh.

On that note, Abby Hart is going to be back soon in the Vampire Asylum series, which sees her travel to one of the vampire world’s darkest secrets. It’s going to be a real old-fashioned gothic blood-fest!

Also, Ward Z starts soon. It’s the story of the staff and patients of a cancer ward who are thrown together when the hospital is quarantined. There’s a patient in one of the rooms who has started to display some disturbing symptoms, and while the title might lead you to assume that this series is all about zombies, there are actually some surprises in store. Well, and zombies…  Ward Z is scheduled to start in a few days’ time, along with the rest of the second series of Mass Extinction Event.

Finally, I realized the other day that I’m almost at 500 likes on Facebook. I’m not the kind of person who obsesses over numbers, but 500 seems huge to me. Thanks to everyone who has taken a look at my Facebook page and this blog! I’m hoping to organize some competitions and giveaways soon, but I’ll have more news on that later…