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The original Dead Souls parts 1 to 52 are now free on Wattpad!

The original 52 parts of Dead Souls are now available for free at Wattpad. You can find them at this link, where you’ll find a table of contents that allows you to access each of the parts. New parts will also start appearing for free at Wattpad soon, hopefully by the end of February!

When I launched Dead Souls, I wanted to write a vampire soap opera. I thought Amazon would be the best way to get the series out, but I realized after a while that the constant 99 cents price tag was quite off-putting. By that point, I’d already signed an agreement for the first 52 parts, but now I’m in total control of the series so I’m releasing it all for free.

In my head, I’ve basically ‘renewed’ Dead Souls for a second year, which means another 52 parts. I have the story mapped out, and I know the main plots points for the characters, including who lives and who dies. The series will continue to be written and released in 13-part bursts, because I find that an easier way to write them. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but there are plane crashes, family reunions and terrible downfalls ahead in the next few parts!


New Lupine Howl, plus Smashwords Summer Sale!

Snowfall parts I & II (Lupine Howl 3.3 & 3.4) is out now at Amazon for the usual price of 99 cents. This time around, there are monks involved, and possibly a few Yeti. Jess is still looking for Duncan, but she soon realizes that the monster at the door has an awfully familiar growl. Balance of Power (Lupine Howl 3.5 & 3.6) will follow later this week, and the rest of July will see the remainder of Lupine Howl‘s third series plus some new Grave Girl and Broken White books.

Other than that, you should check out the Smashwords Summer Sale, which started on July 1st and runs to the end of the month. There are loads and loads of ebooks included in the sale, with price reductions ranging from 25% to 50% and even 100%. I’ve got a couple of books in the sale this year. Use the code SW100 to get Dark Season: The Complete Second Series and American Coven for free. The usual price is $2.99 each, but you’ll get the discount once you enter the codes for each book. (Sorry, the sale is now over!)

In related news, both Dark Season: The Complete Second Series and American Coven are currently filtering through to sites such as Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Dark Season: The Complete Third Series will follow soon, along with Ghosts, The Night Girl and the Lupine Howl books. I’m not sure about Asylum yet, but hopefully that’ll join the others soon.

American Coven is out, plus free Dark Season

American Coven by Amy Cross book coverFirst, the complete version of American Coven is out now from Amazon (UK link here) and Smashwords, and should be up at sites like Barnes & Noble and Kobo within a few days. It’s the story of three women who are kidnapped and held in the basement of a remote rural house. They soon realize that they’re not as helpless as they first feared, although their fightback leads to a far greater tragedy.

Meanwhile, the first series of Dark Season is now free at the US Amazon store, although it’s not yet free in the UK. I’m working on that. The second series is finally going to be appearing at Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other sites over the next week, and the third series will follow in early July. Sorry it’s taken so long. Because I’m in the UK, Barnes & Noble is particularly tricky for me to use; I can do it, but it takes quite a long time. Apple takes even longer, but eventually they should be up at iTunes as well.

Rain by Amy Cross book coverSpeaking of free ebooks, some of my older titles are now available exclusively at Smashwords. You can download The Grid, The Sicking King (The Grid 2), The Dead and the Dying and Love Stories for free.

There are new Grave Girl and Lupine Howl books coming in the next few weeks, while over the summer there’ll be Broken White, the second series of Mass Extinction Event, and the conclusion of The Devil’s Photorapher. I’m also running free chapters of Rain at Wattpad as a kind of experiment. There are various other ideas bubbling away, but I’ve realized that it’s best to hold off on announcing things, since my schedule tends to go a bit wrong sometimes. And now, finally, I’m off to get the dog’s teeth checked (again) because it turns out he has a tendency to develop gingivitis. He loves the dentist…

Free Dark Season, plus updates on American Coven and The Library

First, Dark Season: The Complete First Series is currently free at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel and Smashwords. I’m not sure how long the free promotion will last, but it should be at least a couple of weeks. It’s not free at Amazon yet, but hopefully it will be at some point soon.

Second, I’ve finished the final two books for The Library, but they haven’t been released yet. That’s because I feel that I still need to make some changes. The whole thing is written, but I can’t shake the feeling that the ending needs a little more punch, so I’m going to take some time to see if I can get it right. There’s no ETA at the moment, but it should be within a few weeks. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!

Third, the next American Coven books are due out in a few days, and there’ll be more Lupine Howl and Grave Girl coming soon as well. The Devil’s Photographer is slightly on the back-burner for now, while I’m also taking a little longer with Broken White than I’d planned. Things have been very busy lately, so a small backlog built up, and I’m just waiting for the day job to calm down so that I can focus on the books a little more. Right, more news soon, and now I’m off to get a haircut in my lunch break!

7 free ebooks this week!

This offer is now over, sorry! But there’ll be another one soon and I’ll post all the details on this site.

I was reading an article where someone very knowledgeable said that it’s best to put up one free ebook at a time, but he also warned that even this wouldn’t be very successful. So I figured I’d do the opposite and put up seven. It’s a fair spread from the different books I’ve been writing, and I people found at least one that they hadn’t read before!

Looking for free eBooks from Amazon? You’ve come to the right place…

I’ve put together a page that lists free ebooks on Amazon that have been released by me or, in some cases, by friends of mine. If you happen to be a friend of mine (and I know there are still one or two out there!) and you want your book listed on the page, just let me know.

So here’s a link to the new free eBooks page, and you can also get there via the menu at the top of every page on this site.

Dark Season V now available for free at Amazon for Kindle

As promised, Dark Season V: The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller is now available for free from Amazon for the Kindle (free promotion is over now, sorry, but it’s just 99 cents!). The free offer lasts today (Sunday) and tomorrow. You can get the book here from Amazon (US), and here from Amazon (UK).

Plus, you can currently get the first book in the series, Dark Season: The Last Vampire, free at Smashwords for a variety of readers including Kindle, Nook and online reading.

Dark Season: The Last Vampire ebook FREE for all formats

Just a reminder that Dark Season: The Last Vampire is available FREE for a limited period. You can download it at Smashwords in all formats, including for Amazon Kindle, for the Nook, for the iPad or just to read online.

If you like it, the next three volumes in the series are all available at Amazon at prices ranging from 99 cents to FREE, depending on when different promotions are running. I’m losing track of when each book is free at the moment, but at least one of them should be free almost all the time.

Happy Christmas! Free ebooks on the way!

Happy Christmas! Or whatever you’re celebrating today.

This time 10 years ago, I was spending Christmas completely alone. It wasn’t so bad, but I’m extremely grateful that I now get to spend Christmas with a loving family. So I hope you have a great day, and even if you’re on your own, I hope you find a way to make the day fun. It can be done!!!

I’m setting various novels to be free over Christmas and the New Year, so at some point in the next two weeks all my current novels will be available for free for at least 24 hours on Amazon. I’ll try to post updates here or on Twitter as to when each novel goes free, though I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up.

Okay, it’s Christmas! Have a great day, and I hope you get to spend today doing whatever you want to do, whatever that may be…

Army of Wolves (Dark Season III) FREE ebook for Kindle at Amazon today

Sorry, the free promotion is over for now, but you can grab it at Amazon.com or at Amazon.co.uk for just 99 cents or the equivalent!