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Joanna Mason, a Dark Season box set, and coming soon: Ward Z!

deadanddyingcomp1First, The Dead and the Dying: A Joanna Mason Novel is out now from Amazon, priced $2.99. It’s the story of a detective who discovers that she’s dying, just as a copycat serial killer strikes.

I originally started the story a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t happy with its direction and I worked on it for a long time (including changing the main character, John Mason, into a woman named Joanna) before I was finally happy with it. There are no ghosts, vampires or monsters in this one, although I tried to include a few moments of horror.

I’m planning a second Joanna Mason novel soon, titled The Company of Angels, and I’ve planned out an initial trilogy of books. I know how Mason’s story ends, but I haven’t quite nailed down her route to that final destination. Not yet, anyway…

darkseasonboxsetMeanwhile, the complete Dark Season series has been dusted down for a box set edition. I figured it had been a while since the series finished, so now would be a good time to give it a small refresh.

On that note, Abby Hart is going to be back soon in the Vampire Asylum series, which sees her travel to one of the vampire world’s darkest secrets. It’s going to be a real old-fashioned gothic blood-fest!

Also, Ward Z starts soon. It’s the story of the staff and patients of a cancer ward who are thrown together when the hospital is quarantined. There’s a patient in one of the rooms who has started to display some disturbing symptoms, and while the title might lead you to assume that this series is all about zombies, there are actually some surprises in store. Well, and zombies…  Ward Z is scheduled to start in a few days’ time, along with the rest of the second series of Mass Extinction Event.

Finally, I realized the other day that I’m almost at 500 likes on Facebook. I’m not the kind of person who obsesses over numbers, but 500 seems huge to me. Thanks to everyone who has taken a look at my Facebook page and this blog! I’m hoping to organize some competitions and giveaways soon, but I’ll have more news on that later…


Coming Soon – The Hollow Church (Abby Hart book 1)

hollowcoverThe Hollow Church (Abby Hart book 1) will be out later this week. It’s the story of Abby’s life after Dark Season and her attempts to survive in a world that is rapidly filling up with new vampires. When blood-drained bodies start to turn up all across New York, Abby is forced into an unlikely partnership as she follows a trail that leads to a strange empty church.

American Coven is out, plus free Dark Season

American Coven by Amy Cross book coverFirst, the complete version of American Coven is out now from Amazon (UK link here) and Smashwords, and should be up at sites like Barnes & Noble and Kobo within a few days. It’s the story of three women who are kidnapped and held in the basement of a remote rural house. They soon realize that they’re not as helpless as they first feared, although their fightback leads to a far greater tragedy.

Meanwhile, the first series of Dark Season is now free at the US Amazon store, although it’s not yet free in the UK. I’m working on that. The second series is finally going to be appearing at Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other sites over the next week, and the third series will follow in early July. Sorry it’s taken so long. Because I’m in the UK, Barnes & Noble is particularly tricky for me to use; I can do it, but it takes quite a long time. Apple takes even longer, but eventually they should be up at iTunes as well.

Rain by Amy Cross book coverSpeaking of free ebooks, some of my older titles are now available exclusively at Smashwords. You can download The Grid, The Sicking King (The Grid 2), The Dead and the Dying and Love Stories for free.

There are new Grave Girl and Lupine Howl books coming in the next few weeks, while over the summer there’ll be Broken White, the second series of Mass Extinction Event, and the conclusion of The Devil’s Photorapher. I’m also running free chapters of Rain at Wattpad as a kind of experiment. There are various other ideas bubbling away, but I’ve realized that it’s best to hold off on announcing things, since my schedule tends to go a bit wrong sometimes. And now, finally, I’m off to get the dog’s teeth checked (again) because it turns out he has a tendency to develop gingivitis. He loves the dentist…

Free Dark Season, plus updates on American Coven and The Library

First, Dark Season: The Complete First Series is currently free at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel and Smashwords. I’m not sure how long the free promotion will last, but it should be at least a couple of weeks. It’s not free at Amazon yet, but hopefully it will be at some point soon.

Second, I’ve finished the final two books for The Library, but they haven’t been released yet. That’s because I feel that I still need to make some changes. The whole thing is written, but I can’t shake the feeling that the ending needs a little more punch, so I’m going to take some time to see if I can get it right. There’s no ETA at the moment, but it should be within a few weeks. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!

Third, the next American Coven books are due out in a few days, and there’ll be more Lupine Howl and Grave Girl coming soon as well. The Devil’s Photographer is slightly on the back-burner for now, while I’m also taking a little longer with Broken White than I’d planned. Things have been very busy lately, so a small backlog built up, and I’m just waiting for the day job to calm down so that I can focus on the books a little more. Right, more news soon, and now I’m off to get a haircut in my lunch break!

Why Dark Season isn’t for children, and why (I think) it’s different to Twilight

I recently noticed a really unusual comment on the Barnes & Noble page for Dark Season: The Last Vampire, and it got me thinking. The comment was from someone who hasn’t read the book, and wanted some advice before downloading it. Specifically, the person said:

I need to know is there any sex sceans in it? Im only twelve

This struck me as interesting for a number of reasons. First, there’s no function to actually answer the question. There are sex scenes in the book, and there’s some quite nasty violence as well, as the description makes clear. But second, I was struck by the idea of this 12-year-old trying to find suitable ebooks without any real help. And without wanting to sound moralistic or judgemental, I found myself wondering about a 12-year-old who’s using the internet and having to ask these kinds of questions. The whole thing just struck me as quite a sad situation.

The other thing I noticed was people saying the book is a bit like Twilight, and others disagreeing. I’ve honestly never read any of the Twilight books, but I think I’m going to have to get around to it. From what I know of the series, I get the feeling that Dark Season is very different, but I think it’s time to find out for sure. So I’ll be getting the first one from Amazon this week and giving it a try. I’ll report back on my findings!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! A Spotter’s Guide to Werewolves (Lupine Howl III) is almost done and should be out on Sunday, after which I have to finish up Carnival of Wolves (Lupine Howl IV) and The Sickening King (The Grid II) and… Oh, there are so many to get finished! There’s also 20th Century Vampire (A Dark Season Prequel), Letters From Ted (more about that later) and a sequel to Death of Claire to be working on. And I have a life too, with people I need to spend time with! Oh well, I’m going to take a break now and watch Stardust. And yes, I’ve seen it before…

Plans for Lupine Howl, A Single Blade of Grass, John Mason and The Grid

Lots of little things to mention today! First, the third Lupine Howl book has undergone a name change. It was originally going to be called Unholy Master, but I decided I didn’t like that title too much so I’ve changed it to A Spotter’s Guide to Werewolves, which I think reflects both the tone and the content a little better. I’m well into the book and I hope to have it out in the next week.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to go back and take another look at A Single Blade of Grass, the sci-fi short story I published in February. Almost everyone who has read it says that they think it would be a good full-length book, so I’m going to see what I can do about that. I think it would be fun to flesh out that world and make it more of an adventure, and explore the themes a little more. No ETA on this one, but it’s definitely in the works.

Then there’s the John Mason series, which I’ve kind of neglected so far. There are two books out at the moment, titled The Dead and the Dying and The Company of Angels. I’m slowly working on the third, which doesn’t have a confirmed title yet, but I’m aware that I haven’t really been paying much attention to John Mason and I want to fix that because I like the character. More news soon!

As for The Grid, I’m currently working on the second book, titled The Sickening King. I definitely know where The Grid is headed and it’s fun to map out the journey, although there are a couple of key decisions that have yet to be made. Someone has already asked me if the person who died in the first book is really dead. All I can say is: I’ve asked myself the same question. We’ll see. In general, though, I like people who die in my books to stay permanently dead.

Finally, there’s Dark Season. The prequel, 20th Century Vampire, is on the way in April, and then the series returns properly in July. To be honest, I’m itching to get started on it again, but so far I’m halfway through 20th Century Vampire and thought of the first book for series two, titled Nimrod, are also starting to build up.  It’s crazy, I never knew that characters from a book could take over so much, but I’ve been missing writing them and I can’t wait to get started again…

A soundtrack for Dark Season?

I got an email the other day from someone who wanted to know what music I listen to while I’m writing. The truth is, I intentionally write in silence. I just find music too distracting, possibly because I always wanted to be in a band but never got beyond Grade 3 clarinet lessons. Anyway, I was asked about songs that I might associate with Dark Season, and the truth is… I’d never thought about it before!

But in an attempt to answer the question, I thought I’d post a list of the songs that kept me sane while I was writing recently. I write in silence, but when I go through to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, I always have music playing. And these are the songs I play most often…

P.S. I don’t mind admitting that my taste in music is pretty unfashionable…

Natalie Merchant – Life is Sweet (my all-time favourite song ever!)

Vivian Stanshall & Eric Clapton – Labio-Dental Fricative

Electric Six – I Buy the Drugs

Electric Eel Shock – Rock’n’Roll Can Rescue the World (saw them live once years ago, supporting Dwarves in Brixton)

Thea Gilmore – Saviours and All (saw her live once, she was 8 months pregnant at the time, she had to leave the stage for a pee every 20 minutes but inbetween she rocked)

Personal Jesus – Johnny Cash version

In the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus) – Zager and Evans

Let’s Go Out 2Nite – Alabama 3 (best live band I’ve ever seen)

Blue – R.E.M. (love this, and so sad that I’ll never get to see them alive again)

Going Home – Leonard Cohen (currently loving his new album)

Dark Season listed on SPB Roundup

Just a quick update to note that Dark Season: The Last Vampire and the second volume, Sentinel, are now listed on SPB Roundup’s Romance section. SPB Roundup is an ‘evolving listing of self-published books’ and I’ve already found a couple of good reads via the site, so it’s highly recommended.

In other news, I’m still working on volume 3 of the series, Army of Wolves, which should be available in about a week. Before that, I’m hoping to have The Dead and the Dying finished and up, and possibly another little project that I won’t mention yet in case it doesn’t happen, but it’s an experiment.

Finally, can I plug At War With the Hamptons at Amazon? It’s the first non-genre book I’ve put up and I hope it finds some readers. It’s about a very dysfunctional set of siblings and their failure to grieve for their mother over a period of about 50 years. It’s a comedy, quite experimental in nature, and it’s not bad value either: for your 99 cents or 86p, you get 20,000+ words. What’s that, 0.0045 cents per word? What are you waiting for?