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A Darker Passion guest blog, plus Dark Season omnibus and more news!

I’ve written my first ever guest post on someone else’s blog! Adriann Renae from A Darker Passion invited me to write something, and you can read it here. I hope you find it interesting, I wrote about character names and things like that. I want to thank Adriann for inviting me, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on A Darker Passion. In fact, I’ve added it to the new list of links in the sidebar on this site.

Meanwhile, I finally got around the putting together the omnibus edition of the first series of Dark Season books. Previously, people had to buy each of the 8 books individually, but now you can get them all together in one big chunk titled Dark Season: The Complete First Series. I’ve made a couple of corrections to a few typos, and I’ve also included the whole of the first Lupine Howl book at the end, so the total omnibus is just over 180,000 words. I think that’s between 700 and 800 pages of a printed novel.

Phew! What else? Katie Clover and I also put out an omnibus, titled Double Dare, which basically pulls together my two Love Stories? erotic short story collections with some of her shorts. Plus, the short story anthology to which I’ve contributed an erotic short is still going ahead, though the title is changing almost daily (!) and I’ll have more details later in the week, I hope! I’m also continuing to work on The Grid, which will hopefully be out at the weekend, and there’s also Lupine Howl III: Unholy Master on the way in the next week.