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Up to three sales, still no reviews!

Dark Season: The Last Vampire is up to three sales now, someone apparently bought a copy overnight. So that makes it:

Day 1: 2 sales

Day 2: 1 sale

All the sales seem to be from the USA so far. No-one has left any reviews yet. I don’t know whether people usually leave reviews, I know I don’t bother so I guess I can’t complain!

Meanwhile I’m working on the second volume, due out next week. It’s titled ‘Sentinel’. I’m also working on another project, details of which will be revealed when that’s ready, but it’s quite ‘exciting’ in more ways than one.


First (two) sales on Amazon!

Woke up this morning and found two people have bought Dark Season: The Last Vampire on Amazon. I know two sales might not seem like a lot, but to someone who has never published anything before, it’s huge!

The problem is, now I’m terrified. What if they hate it? Well, I don’t mind so much if they hate it, but I hope that if they do, then they’ll at least give me constructive criticism. I’m hoping that as I write, I’ll get better. And feedback is one of the reasons I’m doing this (not for the 50p I think I made from the two sales).

So I’m fighting the overwhelming urge to yank the book offline and retreat to bed. I hope the people leave reviews or comments and let me know if they liked the books, and if not, then why not. And if one of the purchasers happens to be reading this, hey, thanks for taking a punt on a new writer!