Lupine Howl

Lupine Howl is a new paranormal series about werewolves in London. The series follows the story of Jess, a young homeless girl who arrives in the city and finds herself caught up with a rogue werewolf named Duncan. As Jess starts to learn the truth about modern werewolves, she finds herself being drawn deeper and deeper into some seriously dark games.

The series so far:

Lupine Howl
– Published February 2012
Jess arrives in London and immediately comes face to face with a werewolf named Duncan. But when Duncan apparently kills an innocent girl, Jess is persuaded to help a veteran werewolf hunter named Frank Marshall who is determined to track down and capture every werewolf.

The Wolf in the Pit (Lupine Howl II)
– Published March 2012
A crazed werewolf is causing chaos across London, but Jess is convinced that Duncan can’t be responsible. Meanwhile, she’s contacted by an agent from the mysterious Greystone organisation, leading to a dangerous journey to discover the secret of the wolf in the pit beneath the city.

Coming Soon:

A Spotter’s Guide to Werewolves (Lupine Howl III)

Carnival of Wolves (Lupine Howl IV)

The Architect (Lupine Howl V)

Underworld (Lupine Howl VI)

Ecotone (Lupine Howl VII)

Defence of the Realm (Lupine Howl VI)


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