Lupine Howl IIIFrom Amazon:

One morning, Beth Keneally wakes up in the middle of nowhere, miles from her home, with no memory of how she got there. When she goes back to her house, she discovers the shocking truth: Beth has been murdered by her own father, and she’s now a ghost.

Meanwhile a mysterious stranger arrives in Beth’s town. His name is Kal, and he’s here on a mission to find two people: one very dangerous, and one very powerful. An ancient war is about to erupt once again, and Kal soon discovers that he needs the help of Beth and the other local ghosts if he’s to prevent this world from being engulfed in flames.

A new series, Ghosts begins where most stories end – with the death of the main character. But for Beth Keneally, things are about to get very strange. She wakes up on the other side of town and discovers that although she’s dead, she’s still conscious. Heading back to town, she encounters other ghosts and discovers that the man who killed her is now after her younger sister.

Ghosts is a new series from Amy Cross, the writer of Dark Season and Lupine Howl. Each books is approximately 20,000 words long and most of them end on a cliffhanger. Contains swearing, violence and mild sexual references.

Available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK) for the Kindle. Word count: approximately 20,000 words. Part of a series.


4 responses to “Ghosts

  1. Can’t wait. I am so excited. Do you know a release date yet?


    • Hi, it’ll be the end of April. I’ve written the first one but it’s still being edited. Hope you like it, it’s a bit different to Lupine Howl and Dark Season…


  2. when this book going to be released?


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