Ecotone (Lupine Howl VII)

From Amazon:

Having left London, Jess and Duncan prepare to travel to Edinburgh so that they can join the last big pack of werewolves in Britain. But a sudden visit from one of Duncan’s old friends changes everything, as they learn that a virus has been set loose to destroy their entire species.

Travelling to Edinburgh, Jess and Duncan discovers that a werewolf is killing innocent people. Duncan is convinced that the story is just propaganda, designed to fuel hatred and fear among the human population. But as Jess investigates, she discovers that – for one werewolf – the pain of past conflict is too much to bear.

Following on from Underworld (Lupine Howl VI), Jess and Duncan discover that someone has unleashed a deadly virus, designed to kill all the werewolves. When one of his oldest friends dies from the virus, Duncan decides it’s time to head to Scotland to join the only remaining large pack of werewolves in the country. Reluctantly, Jess agrees to go with him.

As they head north, however, Duncan and Jess discover that the citizens of Edinburgh are being plagued by a murderous werewolf. Duncan is convinced that the stories aren’t true, that no werewolf would murder innocent people like this. But as Jess investigates, she discovers that an old tragedy is returning to haunt a new generation of werewolves, and all-out war with the humans seems inevitable.

Available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK). Word count: approximately 20,000 words. Part of a series.


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