Devil’s Briar

Devil’s Briar is available from Amazon, and will be available from Barnes & Noble and other sites in August.

9 responses to “Devil’s Briar

  1. Started reading Devil’s Briar so far it’s ok how many books will be in this series?
    Also I have read Lupine Howl when is the 3rd series coming out? Thanks a bunch
    for all of these books I have enjoyed them.


    • Hi Gail! There will be 8 books in the Devil’s Briar series. Lupine Howl series 3 will start in the next couple of months, I’m not sure of the exact date right now. Hope you like them!


  2. I just read the first 3 books of Devils Briar, is the rest of the series out already? If not when are the next books due to be out?


  3. What is the release date for Weatherman?


  4. Just wanted to let you know what a huge fan I am of yours and the Dark Seasons series! I’ve read the books over and over and now have read the final books twice. I like all the characters but absolutely love Patrick and Sophie. I can’t tell you happy I was not only that you had them end up together but him finally saying those 3 big words to her. I hated for it to end. The epilogue was wonderful it would be nice to see what happens with the age of chaos and who knows, maybe these great characters would have to come back and help ESP her powerful Dad! Dead or not. Hey you can’t blame a fan for asking or trying 😊


  5. Hello, I’ve just finished the Devil’s Briar omnibus and loved it. Although too be honest I am still a little confused! Will there be more books in this series as I would love to know what happens next? Also I am in London and I have read somewhere that you are also English, how about some books based in London or the UK ??? Thank you so much


  6. would love there to be a sequel to this book, or maybe even a prequel, it would be awesome!!


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