Defense of the Realm (Lupine Howl VIII)

From Amazon:

The final battle between werewolves and humans is here. As human soldiers assemble at the edge of the Scottish estate, the last pack of werewolves prepares for a fight they know they can’t possibly win.

For Duncan, this is a chance to seize his destiny and avenge past wrongs. For Jess, it’s a time to make important decisions. For Darla, it’s a chance to gain salvation for past sins. All three face a battle against the odds, and not all of them will survive.

The first series of Lupine Howl books ends with a fight for the survival of the werewolf species. Gathered on their ancestral Scottish estate, the last werewolves in Britain await the arrival of human soldiers. For Duncan, this is the final battle that he always knew was coming, and which he knows the werewolves cannot win. For Jess, it’s a fight she could walk away from, but which she knows must be fought. And for Darla, it’s a final chance to show the humans that they can’t just wipe out the werewolves like vermin.

But as the battle progresses, and as the bodies mount up, it becomes clear that not everyone will get out of this fight alive. Duncan has to face a dark secret about himself, a secret that he has never told anyone. Jess has to decide whether she’s really prepared to die in a battle against humans, when she still feels human herself. Darla battles with her demons, and some old faces show up on both sides. And as the humans prepare for their final attack, their leader gets ready to unleash a terrible weapon that could end the war forever.

Available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK). Word count: approximately 20,000 words. Part of a series.


5 responses to “Defense of the Realm (Lupine Howl VIII)

  1. Is there a date for the last book? I am still waiting for ecotone to be released.


    • Hi, Ecotone will be available tomorrow (Saturday) and Defense of the Realm will be available one week later. I’m just waiting for Ecotone to come back from the editor before I put it up on Amazon.


  2. hello i was just wondering when this book will be out, u said saturday and its now sunday, im getting lupine howl withdrawals lol,xx


  3. thank you very much, look forwrd to reading it šŸ™‚


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