Death of Claire

From Indie Bookspot’s 4.5 star review:

Death of Claire is the story of a young journalist (named Claire, you might be unsurprised to learn) who is sent to interview egotistical philosopher Oliver Barnes. Claire has a secret, and once Oliver works this secret out, the stage is set for some dark sexual games and a slow downwards spiral into a kind of passion that inevitably leads to death. It’s no secret that Claire dies, but the mystery at the heart of the book is how she dies, and why.

Anyone looking for a book that’s like Fifty Shades of Grey would be advised to check out Death of Claire, although Death of Claire is a lot darker and contains some much stronger, more visceral sex scenes. I’ve read a lot of BDSM and erotica, but Death of Claire really twists the knife (almost literally at one point), laying bare the true sexual depravity and desperation of its two main characters.

Claire Briggs is an aspiring journalist who just got the break of a lifetime… or so she thinks. Sent to interview noted philosopher Oliver Barnes, she soon finds that all her plans are going wrong. Oliver is playing games with her, accusing her of having a dark secret. For Claire, this means she has to engage in a battle of wits that she believes she has no hope of winning.

Death of Claire is a dark erotic novel containing strong, explicit sex scenes (including BDSM) and strong language. It’s intended only for adults who like explicit erotica. Not only is the sex explicit and dark, so are the themes in the book. As the novel winds its way towards its inevitable conclusion, it becomes clear that Claire isn’t going to get the answers she wants.

Available from Smashwords for Nook and other formats, and also from Barnes & Noble and other sites. Word count: approximately 20,000 words.


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