Dead Souls Timeline

This timeline covers the key events in the Dead Souls serial. For readers who aren’t up to date with the latest books, there might be spoilers ahead…

1869 – Supposed birth of Edgar’s grandfather

1919 – Jeremy Beecham arrives on Thaxos, and subsequently dies

1933 – Edgar’s grandfather heard screaming, never seen again

1960 – Father Henderson arrives on Thaxos

1974 – Dr. Alistair Burns arrives on Thaxos and takes over from Dr. Paul Lassiter

1993 – Birth of Alice Marco, Karya Cavaleri and Elizabeth Thorne

2002 – Karya Cavaleri and Elizabeth Thorne drown off the western point

2014 – Kate Langley and Edgar Le Compte both arrive on Thaxos


3 responses to “Dead Souls Timeline

  1. Read to part 48 where is part 49 of this brillant serial .


  2. can I ask when is 49 dead souls arriving thanks


  3. hi I am still waiting for part 49


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