Dark Season – volumes I to V out now, volume VI coming soon!

LATEST NEWS: The next Dark Season books are:

20th Century Vampire (April 2012) – A prequel to the whole series.

Nimrod (July 2012) – The start of the second series.


Dark Season: The Last VampireDark Season: The Last Vampire is the first volume in the Dark Season series about silent vampire Patrick and his developing relationship with a human girl named Sophie.

After being nearly killed in a brutal mugging, Sophie finds herself drawn into Patrick’s world. Unable – or unwilling? – to say a word, Patrick is a vampire with a dark past. He’s the last vampire on the planet, having been the only one to survive a devastating war that lasted for centuries. But how did he survive, and what dark secret has he sworn never to reveal.

Meanwhile a dangerous vampire hunter closes in on Patrick, and it becomes clear that Sophie’s destiny is linked to the last vampire in ways she can’t possible imagine.

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Dark Season II: Sentinel

In volume 2 of the Dark Season series,  Sentinel, Sophie decides she has to learn more about Patrick before she can get closer to him. So she sets out to investigate the case of two girls who were apparently killed by a vampire many years ago. Was Patrick responsible?

Sophie’s investigation is almost cut short when an angry Patrick tries to stop her in her tracks. But Sophie is determined to uncover the truth about what happened all those years ago, and she’s soon led to a dangerous meeting with a very old lady in a nursing home.

Along the way, Sophie also meets Adam, who offers a refreshing antidote to Patrick’s quiet reflection. As she gets closer to Patrick, Sophie also finds herself increasingly drawn to Adam.

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Volume 3 of the Dark Season series is titled Army of Wolves. When she meets someone who knew Patrick many years ago, Sophie is intrigued by the possibility of discovering more about the enigmatic and silent vampire.

But the new guy in town, Hamish, has his own secrets. He’s a werewolf, running from the rest of his pack and determined to get Patrick to help him fight back. When he meets Sophie, however, Hamish comes up with a better plan. Kidnapping Sophie, Hamish gets ready to put this new plan into action – even if it means Sophie could get torn apart by a pack of wolves.

Meanwhile Patrick is determined to help his old friend, seemingly oblivious to the dangers that Sophie is facing as the wolves close in. Will Hamish’s insane plan work, or will the Alpha Wolf decide to kill everyone in his path as he hunts Hamish down?

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The Civil Dead coverIn volume 4, The Civil Dead, Sophie finds her life falling apart following a death in the family an some shocking health news. At the same time, Patrick seems to be keeping his distance. Is this all a coincidence, or is something conspiring to bring Sophie down?

A glimmer of hope then arrives in the form of a – literal – ghost from the past, someone who seems to offer an alternative to Patrick. But as Sophie is drawn to this dark figure, she begins to understand that someone – or something – is feeding off her unhappiness. And there’s a very good reason why Patrick can’t come anywhere near her.

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The fifth volume of the series is The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller, in which Sophie discovers the shocking truth about Patrick and Vincent, while an insane vampire hunter sets out to kill Patrick and start a new race of vampires.

This is probably the darkest book in the series so far. Not only are there moments when Sophie seems utterly alone, but there’s also a tragic twist at the end of the book. Once this volume is completed, the Dark Season books will never be the same again. You’ll see why…

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> Buy The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller (Dark Season V) on Amazon (UK)

Then we come to Gothos (Dark Season VI), which will be out very soon…


34 responses to “Dark Season – volumes I to V out now, volume VI coming soon!

  1. im such a huge fan of your short storiessss!! now i need to buy a kindle to read the next books! cant get enough :]


  2. I came across your books on a random seach and I love them! I read them all in a three day span and now I am waiting today for VII to come up on Amazon so I can keep going! They are great!


  3. I am now a huge fan of your work. I seem to be more curious about answers than Sophie is though and cannot wait for you to answer them (which I am assuming that you will eventually in the novellas). Your writing style is different from what I normally read and it has addicted me.


  4. I loved the first book but i the rest of the series isin’t on barnes&noble. Can someone please tell me why that is? i have a nook and can’t get kindle ebook’s on it 😦


  5. I too have a Nook and not a Kindle. I LOVE your writing and these books, I can’t ge enough. What to do, what to do!?!?


  6. Why can’t I get your books on nook? I read the last vampire and loved it.


  7. I love your books, I can’t wait to start reading Nimrod!!!! When is it coming out?!


  8. I really loved the first book of the dark season but the rest of the books are not available for nook how can I get them?


  9. ok, add me to your list of Nook readers who really want to read the rest of this series but cannot. Yes, I just checked my email and nothing there /wink


  10. I just read all 8 books in the Dark Season series in about 4 days. I really enjoyed your books. And i hope there will be some answers in the second series!!


  11. Read Last Vampire and want to read the rest but I’m another Nook owner and apparently need that secret email too. . . please!


  12. Why did this series end like that? Love all the books, but what and huh the end made me want to cry. Definitely need more.

    Amy Cross I need more, these stories rock


  13. Hi found the first book of the dark season series on barnes & nobles but like others I too have a nook cand cant get the rest of the series is there some way I can get it for my nook? Thanks


  14. Hi! Is Dark Season going to be available for Nook? I’ve read all your others and am anxiously awaiting the Prequel!


  15. I too am a nook user and loved the last vampire but couldnt find the others for the nook


  16. Add me to the list of nook people. I cant get the other books help.


  17. danielle rapp

    I read the Last Vampire on my Nook but I can’t find the rest of the series on there. Please help.


  18. I just read book 1. I loved it!! The only hang up i have is i have a nook not a kindle and i cant seem to fond book to for my nook. would live to read all the books. if anyone has ant suggestions i’d appreciate it.


  19. i read the last vampire and loved it but have a nook… how can i get a copy of the rest of your books


  20. I REALLY LOVE this book #1 but cant find any others in the series for nook… Im gonna go crazy if I cant finish…lol!!!


  21. Y cant i buy dark season sentinel on my nook!!! I really want to read it even if i have to pay for it




  23. Samantha Riggins

    I love you’re dark season the last vampire. I have a nook and have been desperately searching for the other books! Help me please! 🙂


  24. Would like to read the rest of the dark series but cant get it on my nook….loved the first book


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