Dark Season

DarkSeasonCompleteDark Season is a series of three books, telling the story of a brooding, silent vampire named Patrick and his relationship with a human girl named Sophie. Set across two worlds, and with a large supporting cast, the books trace Patrick and Sophie’s relationship as they struggle with a dark prophecy.

Patrick isn’t just any vampire. He’s the last vampire. Having survived a vicious civil war, he killed the rest of his species. He’s ready to die, but first he needs an heir. That’s where Sophie comes in: the Book of Gothos dictates that Patrick and Sophie will have a child, and that child is destined to be the first of an entirely new line of vampires.

DarkSeasonComplete2The first series of Dark Season follows the first stages of Patrick and Sophie’s relationship, as they get to know each other and try to deal with various creatures that are seeking to attack Patrick. The second series concerns Sophie’s attempts to force Patrick to give up his prize, with the lovers become enemies until a final confrontation results in tragedy. The third series brings their story to a conclusion, as Patrick has to face up to what he’s done, even as his body is beginning to fall apart.

The first series of Dark Season began in 2011, followed by the second season in 2012 and finally the concluding section, which was released in 2013. Each volume is approximately 140,000 words, so the total word count for the entire series is around 420,000 words. While the main focus is on Patrick and Sophie, the books also explore a number of other elements that they encounter, including Sophie’s tragic best friend Shelley, the vampire-obsessed Charles Nimrod, and eventually the first fumbling attempts made by Abigail Hart as she tries to live up to the legacy of the vampires.

darkseasoncompletre3All three series are now available in ebook format from Amazon (click here for UK), and also from Kobo, Smashwords, Diesel and other retailers. The Barnes & Noble editions are coming in July 2013, and this page will be updated when they’re available. The first volume is free at most retailers, while the second and third volumes are $2.99 each.

Between them, these three books tell the entire Dark Season story and there will definitely not be a fourth volume. Once you’ve finished the third volume, you’ll see why there can be no more stories. However, the Lupine Howl werewolf series is set in the same universe and a few characters have occasionally crossed over from time to time.


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