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Lupine Howl series 3, the end of The Library, and more!

So, here’s a long-overdue update. The third series of Lupine Howl is nearly here, and should be starting within the next week. I’ll introduce it properly later, but for now let’s just say that it begins with lots of sand and then lots of snow. I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether the third series should be small-scale and intimate, or big and bombastic, and in the end I decided to try both at the same time. Let me know if you think I’ve succeeded once the books are out!

Then there’s The Library, which is finally coming to an end in the next couple of weeks. I spent a long time thrashing out the story, and the final books were delayed a little as a result. If you’ve been reading the series so far, you might be wondering about the Forbidders and their motives, in which case you’ll be rewarded in the final two books. Also, there’s a significant revelation about the Darkness, which is a plot element that has so far appeared briefly in both Dark Season and Lupine Howl. It’s definitely headed somewhere, but it’s a slow-boiler.

Other than that, there’s a new horror series coming up, which I’ll talk about soon, and a horror-soap hybrid thing that I’ve been working on for a while. Despite being British, I’ve long had a love of US soap operas, most notably Days of Our Lives. I wanted to try to write a horror series set in that kind of world, and I’ve finally got it done. We’ll see how it goes. Oh, and Broken Blue is continuing with the second series, Broken White, which starts soon.

Oh, and one final thing! Thanks to the wonderful and brilliant Linda Hare, I’ve now got new, updated versions of some of my books up at Amazon. Asylum, Dark Season series 1, Dark Season series 3, The Night Girl, Devil’s Briar and Broken Blue have had a major going-over, and between them they’ve lost a combined 300+ errors. I’ve always had an editor, but now I’ve got an editor who I really trust and who I work well with, so I think that side of things should improve considerably. Updated versions of the other books will be coming in the next month or so.

What else? Hmm, well I haven’t had much free time inbetween writing and doing my day job, but I found time to plant a garlic clove in a pot with some soil, and now it’s got four big leaves sprouting out the top. It’ll be a miracle if I end up with an edible bulb at the end of it all, but it’s quite fun to check its progress each day. Not much else of interest to report, except that I’m quite looking forward to watching the Eurovision show on Saturday. If you’re American and you don’t know about Eurovision, allow me to offer you an example.


Comparing Smashwords and Amazon

I’ve had Dark Season: The Last Vampire and Love Stories? Erotic Short Stories For Women up on both Amazon and Smashwords for a few days now, and that’s long enough for me to notice a few things about them.

Dark Season first. On Amazon, I’ve sold 9 copies, while on Smashwords – where the book is free – it’s been downloaded by 125 people.

Then there’s Love Stories?, which has been sold twice on Amazon and has been downloaded 441 times on Smashwords.

In other words, Dark Season is more popular than Love Stories? on Amazon, while the reverse is true on Smashwords. It’s a little early to undertand why this is. But I’ve also noticed that so far I’ve received no reviews on Amazon, whereas Dark Season has received two reviews on Smashwords.