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First review on Smashwords, and first sale of Love Stories? on Amazon

Overnight, someone bought a copy of Love Stories? on Amazon. I kind of wish Amazon’s KDP system gave you might insight, because all I know is that the purchaser bought the book from the UK version of the site. At a time when most sites give you detailed analytics, I don’t quite understand why Amazon doesn’t do that. Surely it’d be in their best interests?

Oh well, shouldn’t really complain. Everything else Amazon does with KDP is fantastic!

The other bit of fun is that someone reviewed Dark Season: The Last Vampire on Smashwords, which is nice. I’ve been waiting for my first review for ages. But now I’m greedy! I want more!


Cover for Love Stories?

This is something I’ve been working on for a while, but I’ve been a little embarrassed to reveal until now. It’s my second book, a collection of erotic short stories. Here’s the cover:

I wanted it to look very different to the cover for Dark Season: The Last Vampire so I went for something more modern. I’m worried it’s a bit dark. In case you’re wondering, that’s the small of someone’s back (not me!). I had a few other cover designs, but I was worried about them being too racy, although I shouldn’t have been concerned because if you look on Amazon there’s some really almost explicit stuff around.

As you might have guessed, this collection is for adults only. I like reading erotic literature, but not when it’s dull and predictable. My model for these stories was Roald Dahl. I’m not saying I’m in the same league as him as a writer, but I wanted to have that kind of tone, and I wanted each story to have a real point to it. I’ve been thinking about putting one of the stories online here to help ‘sell’ the book, and perhaps a chapter of Dark Season: The Vampire. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I’ll put up a link to Love Stories? when it’s on Amazon in the next couple of days.