Carnival of Wolves (Lupine Howl IV)

From Amazon:

In the fourth Lupine Howl book, Jess wakes up alone in a dark cage. She has been kidnapped and is forced to join a macabre carnival, where werewolves and other creatures are forced to perform for a thankless audience.

Determined to escape, Jess soon finds herself in a race against time to uncover the dark secret at the heart of the carnival. Can she escape in time to go to London and rescue Duncan, or is she doomed to spend the rest of her life in a freak show?

Kidnapped in the middle of the night, Jess wakes up in a mysterious travelling carnival. Kept in a cage with other werewolves, she learns that she is to be forced to take part in a freak show every night, all to entertain a mysterious audience. If she tries to escape, an implant in her neck will be activated, causing her immense pain.

As she looks for a way out, Jess meets Darla, another werewolf, who has accepted her life in the carnival. Together, they discover the secret of the mysterious Mena, a creature kept isolated in her own tent, and they finally encounter the audience. As Jess battles to find a way out of the carnival, she comes up against the evil Vigrous Grinde, a man who holds the key to power but who is beholden to a mysterious creature called a Criad, which has a particularly nasty – and sloppy – way of killing its victims.

Available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK) for the Kindle. Word count: approximately 20,000 words. Part of a series.


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