Asylum is currently only available from Amazon, but should hit other retailers later in 2013.

13 responses to “Asylum

  1. When will Doctor Lava come out? I see it on here, but I cannot find it on Amazon or Kindle sites.


  2. THANK YOU AMY!!!!!


  3. LOVE IT!!! Doctor Lava left me wanting more…….could not put it down once I started.


  4. Yet again Husk left me wanting more….Every time a new book comes out I finish it in just one night….I get so into them that I cannot put them down…Love Love Love your books!!!!


  5. Have finishes 1.4 and 1.5…I just can’t put them down once I start. I’ve learned not to start one of your books at night (I usually stay up all night reading). Anxiously waiting the rest of this set and the last set of Dark Season!!!


  6. Just finished Asylum. Totally creepy, I can’t believe this is how your mind works. I mean that in a good way. Your creativity & imagination is amazing. I hate that a certain someone got a second chance they never deserved. I feel so sorry for Annie poor thing. Is there going to be a second series?


  7. I read a preview for Amy’s book called asylum but my book will not let me purchase it. And I can’t find it at any libraries or book stores online even please help I really want to read it


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