Army of Wolves (Dark Season III)

From Amazon:

Five hundred years ago, a werewolf named Hamish entered into a pact to save his own life. But he broke the terms of that pact, and now an army of wolves is on his trail.

At first, Hamish believes his only chance of survival is to seek the help of his old friend, Patrick. But he then discovers that the vampire has a new companion, a human named Sophie. And that’s when Hamish hatches an insane plan that he believes will win him his freedom… even if it means Sophie will be ripped apart by a pack of wolves.

The third book in the Dark Season series sees Sophie caught up in the (mis) adventures of a werewolf named Hamish. Arriving in Dedston to get Patrick’s help, Hamish quickly realises that Sophie might be the answer to his prayers. But rather than asking for her help, he decides to just take it anyway.

With Patrick powerless to help, Sophie finds herself whisked away and heading for a dangerous showdown with the Wolf King. But Hamish’s plan soon goes wrong, and Sophie discovers that if she’s going to survive this latest encounter, she’s going to have to forget about Patrick rescuing her… She’s going to have to save herself!

Available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK) for the Kindle. Word count: approximately 20,000 words. Part of a series.


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