A Spotter’s Guide to Werewolves (Lupine Howl III)

Lupine Howl IIIFrom Amazon:

In the third book in the Lupine Howl series, Jess finds herself becoming closer than ever to the werewolf Duncan. But how close is too close? And can she trust Duncan to always be there for her?

Meanwhile, a ruthless organisation is out to destroy all the werewolves of London. For one former Greystone agent, this means that some of the world’s darkest and most dangerous secrets must be protected, no matter the cost.

The third book in the Lupine Howl series begins with the British government deciding to shut down the Greystone organisation. This means that everyone who knows anything about Greystone is to be hunted down and killed. Jess, Duncan and Olivia quickly find themselves running from a shadowy new organisation that is determined to end the werewolf menace once and for all.

Along the way, the trio encounter an old lady who has a passion for the history of the London Underground, and they get involved in a deadly struggle that will leave one of them dead, one of them missing and one of them facing a shocking new secret. There’s also a dark betrayal that leaves Jess and Duncan separated… perhaps forever.

Available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK) for the Kindle. Word count: approximately 20,000 words. Part of a series.


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