20th Century Vampire (A Dark Season Prequel)

20th Century Vampire (A Dark Season Prequel)

From Amazon:

Between the end of the vampire war and the night that he first met Sophie, Patrick travelled the world in search of the one thing he thought could save his soul.

20th Century Vampire is the prequel to the original Dark Season. It follows Patrick’s life from 1918 all the way through to today, showing how he became caught up in Sophie’s life long before she was even born.

20th Century Vampire, due to be published on April 17th, is a prequel to the first Dark Season series. Starting at the end of the First World War, the book traces Patrick’s life from the period immediately after he killed the rest of the vampires, through some of the most tumultuous events in recent human history, on the way to the night in Dedston when he first met Sophie.

Along the way, Patrick finds himself encountering a number of characters who appeared in other Dark Season books, and also starts to find his life becoming tangled up in the life of another man whose own destiny holds the key to Patrick’s fate. From America to France, and Soviet Russia to London, Patrick journeys the world looking for the only thing that can help him survive.

20th Century Vampire (A Dark Season Prequel) is available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK).


One response to “20th Century Vampire (A Dark Season Prequel)

  1. Any idea if this is coming out for Nook?? I’d love to keep reading on this series!


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