New short story Lamb to Slaughter!

Easter horror storiesI have a short story in the new collection Collected Easter Horror Shorts, which you can find at Amazon (US), Amazon (UK) and the various other Amazons too!

Lamb to Slaughter is the story of a girl who has to face her destiny one Easter. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but let’s just say that she has to take a walk through the forest, where she meets something or someone that might be willing to offer her another chance.

You can find a full list of contributors on the product page, but by my count there are 22 different stories in the book. And now I’m off to read them all! P.S. I’ve also set up a page here that lists shorts stories I’ve written that appear in various other places.


2 responses to “New short story Lamb to Slaughter!

  1. I just found your books tonight in a horror group on Facebook and I am extremely excited to start reading!! I absolutely love horror books, but seems nobody can get it just right, the way I like horror anyhow. I have read a few of your blurbs and some reviews and I can’t wait to read every single book! Reviews are always left of course 😈


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