Out now: B&B!

B&B by Amy CrossB&B is out now from Amazon!

It’s the story of a girl with a secret, who makes the mistake one night of checking into a very strange B&B. She soon realizes that the B&B’s other guests are a little on the strange side, but leaving might not be an option. Not with a serial killer, known only as the Snowman, on the loose outside.

B&B is available from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and the various other Amazon stores. It’s also available to borrow, for readers who use Kindle Unlimited.


6 responses to “Out now: B&B!

  1. can you tell me if there is going to be a third book for the Asylum series and if so when will it be available for Kindle,and Will Graver girl and the last book in the grave girl Trilogy be coming out on Kindle if so could you tell me when because I’ve been a fan of your books and would love to see what happens next in the series and I don’t mind waiting for them to come out if you could just let me know when


  2. Hey Amy! I’ve been reading your books non-stop and just got done with Darper Danver. Will there be a sequel?

    I’d love to read more about Cassie!


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