Out now: Last Wrong Turn, a sequel to Perfect Little Monsters!

lastwrongturnLast Wrong Turn, a sequel to one of the stories from my Perfect Little Monsters collection, is out now from Amazon!

Last Wrong Turn is the story of Penny, a heavily pregnant woman who finds herself trapped in a remote Kentish farmhouse. She’s the latest prisoner of Enda, the girl from the Perfect Little Monsters title story, but Enda is now in charge of the farm, and things aren’t about to run smoothly!

And in case anyone is wondering: Yes, I do have a third story in mind for this series. I’m already working on a book in which the farmhouse receives a fresh batch of unwelcome visitors…


4 responses to “Out now: Last Wrong Turn, a sequel to Perfect Little Monsters!

  1. I just finished the first two Broken books. I can’t find Broken Red anywhere 😕. Also, I can’t find the Third Island book. They’re both so good and I’m stuck with no conclusions!! Lol


  2. I really REALLY enjoyed this book! 📖


  3. I’ve read a lot of your books and I wonder how long it takes you to write a story.

    Your plots are complex just like your characters, do they unravel as you write or do you think on them before starting?


    • It’s a little of both. Sometimes I plot carefully in advance, and sometimes I just wait to see what happens. With Last Wrong Turn, I had it all worked out before I started, and I think it took about a week to write.


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