Two new releases – The Island and The Cabin

The Island by Amy CrossI’ve released two new books over the past couple of weeks. First is The Island, book one in the new Steadfall series set hundreds of years in the future, in a world where anyone who wants to rebel against society is sent to a remote island where madness and chaos rule.

The main characters are Iris, a girl who is sent to the island after learning a shocking truth about her own life, and Asher, who starts her own town but quickly finds that there are others who want to push her back down. Add a bunch of cannibals into the mix, and The Island builds to a conclusion in which both Iris and Asher are forced to make a stand. A sequel is due out early next year!

The Cabin by Amy CrossAlso out now is The Cabin, a horror novel about a British girl who goes to visit a friend in Norway and ends up trapped in a nightmare. This is one of the darker books I’ve written, so maybe steer clear if you don’t like things to get too graphic and nasty.

Although it might seem like a standalone novel, The Cabin also has a sequel on the way, although I won’t say too much about that just yet in case I accidentally give away too much about the first book.


2 responses to “Two new releases – The Island and The Cabin

  1. I’ve read The Cabin and I found it very uncomfortable reading. I’m halfway through After the Cabin and it is giving me the willickers.
    Well done!


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