Asylum sequel Meds is out now!

Meds, the sequel to Asylum, is out now from Amazon! I said before that I didn’t think I’d ever write a sequel to Asylum, and that was the plan until the idea for Meds came to me. There will also be a third book later, to complete a trilogy.

Here’s the start of the blurb:

At the edge of a ruined town, a burned-out hospital houses one final, functional ward.

There, a small group of doctors and nurses tend to patients who have been consigned to the Overflow. Unloved, forgotten by the people who knew them, these are the patients who will never receive visitors. If something happens to them, no-one will ask questions.

When I wrote Asylum, there was no plan to ever continue the story. It was only much later that I started thinking about bringing Nurse Winter and some of the other characters back. The Prison (2014) was at one point going to be a sequel to Asylum, although that plan changed and it became a different book. Now Meds is here to show what happened after, and in some cases before, the original Asylum story.

The third book in the trilogy will be out later this year or maybe in 2016, it’s still a way off. The first few chapters are already written, and although I’m not sure of the title yet, I think it might be something to do with mail and the postal service…


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