Ward Z: Revelation is out today!

wardzrevelationfinalcoverWard Z: Revelation is out today from Amazon! As the title suggests, this is a sequel to Ward Z, which came out back in 2013.

Having said that this is a sequel, however, I should point out that for the most part Ward Z: Revelation contains completely new characters. Only one character from the original Ward Z shows up in the new book, although the storyline is definitely rooted in the original and the focus is once again on the cancer mutants. And the original hospital is quite important still…

When I wrote Ward Z, I had no real plans to write a sequel, but the idea kind of snuck up on me. It’s quite different in tone, but I hope you’ll like it. And if you do, then hopefully you’ll be pleased to learn that a third book is on the way later in the year! Ward Z: Apocalypse will finish up this loose trilogy.


3 responses to “Ward Z: Revelation is out today!

  1. Hi Amy! When will this be available on Amazon again? Also, any release date for book 3 yet? Thanks so much!


  2. Could you please tell us when the 3rd and final book will be out in the Ward Z series. I have been awaiting it anxiously!


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