New paranormal / horror serial: Dead Souls!

deadsoulsfinal1Starting today, the first three parts of Dead Souls are available from Amazon. Dead Souls is a new ongoing horror / paranormal serial set on a remote island, focusing on the return of the mysterious Edgar Le Compte and his impact on the local inhabitants.

Dead Souls isn’t a novel cut up into smaller chunks. It’s plotted and written as a serial, so each part has a cliffhanger and it’s designed to be read as a weekly series of 20,000-word novellas. A new part will be released every Monday, and the usual price will be 99 cents. Each part will get a few free days shortly after release. And they’ll also all be part of Kindle Unlimited.

There will be a total of 26 parts, so by the time it’s finished,¬†Dead Souls
will run to around 2,000 pages and half a million words. There’ll be an omnibus edition at some point when it’s finished.

deadsoulsfinal2I figure this is the perfect time to try this kind of serial fiction, which I’ve been thinking about for a while. When I was a teenager, I even hand-wrote story ideas for a (non-horror) soap opera I came up with, and I ended up with twenty years’ worth of episodes planned out. The notes filled six big ring-binders. I wish I still had them, but one day I threw them out! Um, yes, I guess that sounds a bit weird, but at least I had a hobby!

So this is like the way that Dark Season was originally released, except that this time it’s a much longer project! I’ve got the whole series mapped out, although reader feedback could affect some of the plot elements if people feel strongly about anything. The main story, however, is about Edgar and Kate’s relationship, and I know exactly how that develops and where they’ll be (or not be!) when the whole serial ends.


3 responses to “New paranormal / horror serial: Dead Souls!

  1. Michelle Thompson

    So please clarify some points for me. In the vampires grave, edger is buried for 350 years but in this new series they sayhe only been gone 80 years. Also u keep fgoing back and forth with the shop keeper being a son or grandson. Kate langly is the name Madeline uses in the vampires grave, wouldn’t edger realize that? And in vampire asylum, Madeleine dies doesn’t she? So how does that fit into the time line?


    • Hi Michelle! The timeline discrepancy and the use of Kate’s name are both things that will be explained later in Dead Souls. They’re not a main part of the story, but they tie up, in a small way, with a discovery that is made about the island. As for Madeleine in Vampire Asylum, I wouldn’t say that she’s 100% definitely dead…


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