Hugo: The Lockton Downs Haunting is out now!

Hugo: The Lockton Downs HauntingHugo: The Lockton Downs Haunting is out now from Amazon. It’s a novella (about 56 pages) about a haunted house, and it’s all told from the point of view of the family dog. Yes, you read that right. A dog tells the story. The usual price is 99 cents, but right now it’s free for a few days, so now’s the perfect time to download it.

I got the idea from watching a couple of horror movies a few months ago and realizing that in both cases there was a dog that was with the families when they moved in. It’s quite common for dogs to be shown reacting to weirdness in a house before the rest of the family notices, so I figured it’d be fun to take a traditional side character and make him the focus. The fact that this character happens to be a dog turned out not to be an insurmountable barrier.

Schedule Update!

The original schedule for the end of this month has changed a bit. Graver Girl (Grave Girl 2) will now be out in August, after a paranormal horror novel titled The Girl Clay. More about that later. Also coming soon are The Dead City (Ophelia 2) and the third Joanna Mason novel.


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