Thoughts on Kindle Unlimited

As most people have probably heard by now, Amazon is launching Kindle Unlimited, a kind of all-you-can eat subscription reading service for Kindle users. It costs $9.99 per month (US-only at the moment), and a lot of people are describing it as Netflix for books, which seems pretty accurate.

As a reader, I think this could be great, and if (when?) it comes to this side of the Atlantic, I’ll definitely be signing up. It doesn’t have every book ever written included, but with 600,000+, I don’t think running out of titles will be a problem.

As a writer, I think it also presents some big opportunities, and therefore I’m going to be slightly changing the way I release books from now on. Or rather, going back to the old way…

I’m going to go back to my old system of serializing things, i.e. releasing each book in a series of chunks for 99 cents each and then bundling them all at the end for $2.99. This system worked well for me until early this year, when I took a break and then changed to just releasing whole books.

I’ll start early next week with the first parts of The Return and Grave Girl. Oh, and I already have some pretty vicious cliff-hangers lined up.

The only real change now is that there’ll be a 90-day window where each new book will be exclusive to Amazon. After that, they should end up on Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and other sites. I know that’s not ideal, but books in Kindle Unlimited have to be exclusive to Amazon in 90-day chunks, so I’ve made a compromise that I think should work out okay in the end. As ever, I’ll keep an eye on things and maybe there’ll be changes ahead.


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