Mass Extinction Event: The Complete Third Series is out today!

mee3Mass Extinction Event: The Complete Third Series is out today in both ebook and paperback from Amazon. This is the first time I’ve released both formats in one day, so it’s a bit of an experiment. I’m hoping to get the first two series out in paperback in the next couple of weeks.

When I was plotting the third series of Mass Extinction Event, I also plotted the fourth, so I knew exactly where the characters had to be by the cliffhanger. There’s a time jump from the end of the second series, but only about a month. This time around, Elizabeth and Toad are setting out to find a new home, while Thomas heads to Chicago and then finds himself joining a group who live by a lake.

The rotting creatures aren’t around so much, but don’t worry, they’re not gone for good, and besides, I hope there are some real body horror moments in this series. In particular, there’s something horrible that happens to Elizabeth, and I also hope that one of the images right at the end, on one of the final pages, will burrow deep into your nightmares.

Series four will be out either later this year or early in 2015. I just have to juggle various other projects first.

In other news, thansk to Draft2Digital a load of my earlier books are now available at Scribd. I’m very bad at predicting future trends, but right now I think that this type of subscription service might become really big in the next few years, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Amazon did something similiar, probably involving Prime. But as I say, I’m very bad at predictions.

Finally, July should see the release of The Dead City (Ophelia 2) and a new horror novel called The Prison, although a few other books, including The Agency and Graver Girl (Grave Girl 2), are also on the horizon and release dates might get switched around. Oh, and Broken Red (The Broken Trilogy book 3) and the rest of Awake are coming soon as well!


One response to “Mass Extinction Event: The Complete Third Series is out today!

  1. Where can I find Mass Extinction Events: The Complete Fifth Series


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