The Werewolf’s Curse, print copies, Ten Short Sequels and more

werewolfs_curseThe Werewolf’s Curse is available now from Amazon at the usual price of $2.99. It’s a standalone book, so there won’t be any prequels or sequels.

The self-contained story concerns a girl named Natalie who learns that one of her ancestors put a curse on a family of werewolves. Unfortunately, the curse didn’t quite work out as planned, and now both Natalie and the last surviving member of that family are in danger.

Meanwhile, I’ve finally managed to get some of my books out in paperback. Ophelia was the guinea pig, but over the next few days there should also be copies of Finality, The Ghosts of London, Vampire Asylum, The House We Haunted and Dark Season: The Complete First Series on Amazon. I’m hoping to have more (including the rest of Dark Season) available soon.

Most of the paperbacks cost either $10.99, although the first series of Dark Season is $17.99, which is purely because it has a much larger page count (over 700, compared to around 440 for the others). I’m trying to keep the prices low, but there’s not a whole lot I can do. I could make the text tiny, but I don’t think anyone would like that. I’m hoping to give away some signed copies in the next few months, but I’ll wait until there are more books ready first.

Looking ahead, I’m currently putting the finishing touches to Mass Extinction Event: The Complete Third Series, which ends with a huge event that sets the stage for the next section of the story. I’m also working on Graver Girl (Grave Girl 2), a comedy (!) called The Agency, and another standalone horror story along the same lines as Asylum. Oh, and a collection titled Ten Short Sequels, which is exactly what it sounds like: ten short sequels to earlier books, including Asylum, Devil’s Briar and The Girl Who Never Came Back. More on these books soon!


One response to “The Werewolf’s Curse, print copies, Ten Short Sequels and more

  1. Excited about this! Asylum is one of my favourite books, and just finished The Girl Who Never Came Back which i enjoyed too. Ten Short Sequals sounds like a great idea, will need to get reading more of your books!

    Any idea if Asylum will ever be out in print?

    Dying to own a copy!


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