Six books in one day!

ghostoflondontemplateIs that a record? It is for me, at least. This weekend, I put out six complete books in one day at Amazon. It was a bit of a weird situation, but it was my way of coming out of the accidental lull that has been going on since the beginning of the year!

opheliatemplateSo, to introduce the books…

First, there’s Lupine Howl: The Complete Fourth Series, which needs no further introduction. I’ll just say that, yes, the fifth series is coming later this year. And, yes, I do know when and how the whole Lupine Howl series will end, but I’m not saying. Not yet. It certainly won’t be after series five.

housewehauntedtemplate1Then there’s The Ghosts of London, which is a fantasy story set in modern London. It’s the start of a new series, with the next book Archangel coming later in the year. Another new series is Ophelia, which is a crime / thriller story set in London. Meanwhile, Vampire Asylum is the continuation of the Abby Hart story, with the next part, Demon’s Grail, coming later in the year.

finalitytemplateThe House We Haunted is a horror story, about three siblings growing up in a house that refuses to let them leave. Finally, Finality is my first foray into the science-fiction genre, with a story set on a distant space station. There’ll be a second series of Finality coming later in the year.

vampire_asylum_cover2As long-time readers might have suspected, these books mark a change for me. I’m going to release complete books, rather than serialized parts. I might do serials again one day, but for now I want to focus on putting the full books out.

lupinehowl4Also, I’m hoping to have paperbacks out soon. Dummy copies of Asylum and American Coven are in my hands, and although they need some tweaks, I’m hoping that they’ll be on sale later in June, along with paperback versions of Dark Season, The Girl Who Never Came Back and a few other books.

So that’s my update for now. I hope you like the new books, and I aim to release a few more later in the month…


One response to “Six books in one day!

  1. Michelle Thompson

    In the house we haunted, I dont get the story line with didi. Who r those people to the rest of the story?


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