Getting to Know You…

It’s weird how memories work, isn’t it? The reason I’m writing this post is that something weird happened to me this evening, and I thought I’d share it.

So I was in the kitchen, making a cup of tea (as usual), and suddenly I hummed the chorus from the song ‘Getting to Know You’, from ‘The King and I’. If you don’t know it, it’s an insanely catchy number that’s best known in this version by Julie Andrews.

The reason I found this weird, though, was that it brought back a really strong memory. When I was little, about five or six years old, I used to love singing this song. I sang it over and over, almost obsessively. And then, apparently, I just forgot about it. I don’t think I’ve thought about it for almost three decades, until tonight, when suddenly it popped back into my head while I was walking across the kitchen to get a mug.

It’s strange to think that the memory of that song was somewhere deep in my mind, floating about until suddenly, by chance (?), it burst into the open and I hummed it again. Kinda makes me wonder what else is percolating in the depths of our minds. I’ve often wondered if every memory is stored somewhere in our brains, even if we can’t access them all. Now I’m wondering even more.

And, needless to say, I’ve now got that song stuck in my head…


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