Darper Danver out now from Amazon, plus new Library books!

darperdanvercomplete2Darper Danver: The Complete First Series is out now from Amazon at the usual price of $2.99. It’s the story of a girl who meddled with a dark spirit that lurks on the edge of her home-town, with tragic results. I’m planning three series in total, and the first series ends on a pretty big cliffhanger!

Other than that, I’m putting the finishing touches to a new series based on The Library. After The Library came out earlier this year, I felt as if I still hadn’t finished with that world, and the new series, Journey to the Library, is designed to have (hopefully) a little more humor. I don’t know how many books there will be in the saga of the Library, but I have some ideas worked out already, so hopefully Journey to the Library won’t be the last.

There are also new Joanna MasonMass Extinction Event and Abby Hart books on the way soon, and I swear that The Devil’s Photographer will be continuing soon too. That series has undergone something of a change since I started working on it, but I’m hopeful that people will like the new direction. Anyway, I’m off to watch episode two of Sleepy Hollow, and then, if I’m not too tired, I’m going to read some more of the new Stephen King book, Doctor Sleep, which I’m loving so far. It’s very different to The Shining, but it’s fascinating to see how the story continues.


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