The Vampire’s Grave out now from Amazon!

The Vampire's Grave by Amy CrossThe Vampire’s Grave is out now from Amazon, at the usual price of $2.99. The word count is roughly 100,000. This book is a bit different, because (1) I’ve released it all at once rather than in serial format, and (2) it’s a set of short stories that add up together to tell an overall narrative.

I don’t want to give too much away, so here’s a rundown of the stories:

The Journey – When a set of supposed vampire bones arrives at a London museum, a curator starts to notice that one of the skulls seems to be slowly opening its mouth.

Resurrection – Grieving for the loss of her father, a young girl is shocked to discover that a mysterious, wounded figure has taken up residence in a nearby tree.

The Empty Girl – Having longed to be a vampire for many years, a teenage girl finally decides that it’s time to act. She kidnaps a girl from a nearby house and drags her out to the forest, where she prepares to drink her blood.

The Alderman’s Dilemma – Hundreds of years ago, a small-town official has to deal with two vampires who have arrived in the area. Eventually, one of the creatures offers him a deal.

Dark Voyage – Caught up in a huge storm, a merchant boat become the latest hunting ground for an ancient evil. High up in a watch-tower, one sailor finds himself powerless to resist the vampire’s advance.

A Brief Conversation With a Beautiful Vampire – Sitting in a cafe, waiting for his girlfriend to arrive on the last bus, Adam gets talking to a mysterious woman who insists that no-one ever truly changes.

The Vampire’s Grave parts 1 & 2 – A journey to a remote Bulgarian castle takes a sinister turn when a deadly brother and sister duo are reunited.

The book is nothing to do with Dark Season, so there’s no chance of Patrick, Sophie or any of those characters showing up. It’s a different take on vampires, although there’s one story that contains an element that’s a little similar to the character Nimrod from Dark Season‘s second series.


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