American Coven is out, plus free Dark Season

American Coven by Amy Cross book coverFirst, the complete version of American Coven is out now from Amazon (UK link here) and Smashwords, and should be up at sites like Barnes & Noble and Kobo within a few days. It’s the story of three women who are kidnapped and held in the basement of a remote rural house. They soon realize that they’re not as helpless as they first feared, although their fightback leads to a far greater tragedy.

Meanwhile, the first series of Dark Season is now free at the US Amazon store, although it’s not yet free in the UK. I’m working on that. The second series is finally going to be appearing at Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other sites over the next week, and the third series will follow in early July. Sorry it’s taken so long. Because I’m in the UK, Barnes & Noble is particularly tricky for me to use; I can do it, but it takes quite a long time. Apple takes even longer, but eventually they should be up at iTunes as well.

Rain by Amy Cross book coverSpeaking of free ebooks, some of my older titles are now available exclusively at Smashwords. You can download The Grid, The Sicking King (The Grid 2), The Dead and the Dying and Love Stories for free.

There are new Grave Girl and Lupine Howl books coming in the next few weeks, while over the summer there’ll be Broken White, the second series of Mass Extinction Event, and the conclusion of The Devil’s Photorapher. I’m also running free chapters of Rain at Wattpad as a kind of experiment. There are various other ideas bubbling away, but I’ve realized that it’s best to hold off on announcing things, since my schedule tends to go a bit wrong sometimes. And now, finally, I’m off to get the dog’s teeth checked (again) because it turns out he has a tendency to develop gingivitis. He loves the dentist…


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