Lupine Howl spin-off The Library, plus the end of The Night Girl

There’s good news and bad news about Lupine Howl. The bad news is that I’ve decided to delay the third series for a couple of months while I fix some plot holes. The good news is that this has allowed me to bring forward a new fantasy series called The Library, which is a kind of spin-off from last year’s Broken Spirits (Lupine Howl 2.4). The series is set inside the same huge library that Duncan and Jess visited, and while those two characters won’t be showing up (aside from a possible cameo appearance later on), The Library is definitely set in the same universe. The first two parts (1.1 and 1.2) are available together for 99 cents here!

Meanwhile, The Night Girl is coming to an end this month with the final two books, titled So Low (The Night Girl 1.7) and The Final Shift (The Night Girl 1.8). The Night Girl was never meant to run for more than one series, so there’s going to be a definite end to the story. After that, there’ll be the follow-up to Broken Blue, titled Broken White.

Finally, I’ve changed the way the books are released. Instead of releasing each one for 99 cents, I’m going to be releasing them as double-bills, with the price staying at 99 cents. This will work out much cheaper: instead of buying 8 books at 99 cents each, you’d only buy 4 books at 99 cents each. Also, they’ll still get bundled together at the end as a $2.99 collection, so it’s not a huge change. I made the change mainly because I realized that 8 books at 99 cents each came to a total of $7.92, which seemed a bit much compared to the $2.99 price of the omnibus editions. So, to sum up: 99 cents now gets you two books, instead of just one. And now I have to go and take the dog for a walk!


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