Final Dark Season coming up, plus new Devil’s Briar, Lupine Howl and Broken Blue

I wish I could say that my home-made Christmas pudding was a success, but honestly it was… just about okay. It was definitely edible, but it was a bit too sticky and dense. Still, it was the first attempt, so I guess I’ll just have to try again next year. I hope everyone reading this had a good time over Christmas. My plans for New Year are to stay at home and try to distract the dog, who usually gets terrified by fireworks. Unfortunately, we live five minutes from the park, so I think I’ve got a tough job ahead…

A Woman, Waiting (Dark Season 3.7) is out now at Amazon, which means there’s just one more book to go before the whole Dark Season series is over forever! The End (Dark Season 3.8) will be out on Monday January 7th, or maybe even a couple of days earlier if Amazon’s internal gears are running particularly smoothly.

To be honest, I’m pretty nervous. I hope people like how the story ends, but I know it’s impossible to please everyone. I’ve had the ending worked out since the beginning, and I hope it feels satisfying. The end of the story grows out of what has come before, so there are no sudden left-turns or random new characters thrown in. There are no magic kisses that miraculously save people. It all keeps to the (attempted) logic of the series so far. Also, I promise it doesn’t end on any kind of cliffhanger.

After Dark Season is over, there are the rest of the Devil’s Briar books coming in January. Also, I’m re-launching the Broken Blue series. The first book came out a few months ago, but I’ve re-thought the whole thing and decided that Broken Blue (and the sequels, Broken Red and Broken White) will be released in a serial format (e.g. there’ll be 8 books to each series). The good news is that each book in the Broken Blue series will be free for a few days after it’s released (Amazon allows five free days every 90 days for most books) so it’ll kind of be a free series.

Then, in February, there’ll be the third series of Lupine Howl. The first book is Werewolves in India (Lupine Howl 3.1) and this time, I’ve mapped out not only the third series but also the fourth, so they kind of intertwine. I really want to tighten Lupine Howl and make sure it’s focused on the core story. I was trying to decide whether to make it darker and grittier, or more colorful and crazy; in the end, I’ve decided to do both at the same time. With Dark Season completed, Lupine Howl is kind of the only remaining window into that world, because they exist in the same universe and with some of the same characters. But more about that later.

I’ll be on a train for most of tomorrow and Monday’s going to be hectic, so Happy New Year and let’s hope 2013 is nice and peaceful…


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