Update on Abigail (Dark Season 3.1) and the next Asylum books

Hello! I wasn’t planning to reveal the cover for Abigail (Dark Season 3.1) yet, since the book won’t be released until November, but I just saw the cover for the first time myself and I’m pretty pleased with it. In the past, I’ve done some of the covers myself, but fortunately I can occasionally call on some friends to put something together.

I guess I can’t post the cover image without also revealing something about the book. Hmm, well, it picks up after The Death of Sophie Hart (Dark Season 2.8), and it’s the beginning of the end for the Dark Season series. There are just eight books left, and then it’ll be the end for Patrick, Sophie and all the other characters from the series. And it really will be the end. There will be no surprise returns, no change of plans. Abigail (Dark Season 3.1) will be out at the end of November.

Meanwhile, I’m also working on the next Asylum books. A Case of Crows (Asylum 1.4) should be out in a few days, followed fairly quickly by Life of Horror (Asylum 1.5). The whole series has been mapped out for a while now, and I’m well into the final book. There’s some dark stuff going on, especially in the seventh instalment. It’s fun to write stuff like this. Well, I have to go off to bed now, since I’ve got to be up at 5am (yes, really!) for work. I’ve got to drive to another county. Hope it won’t be raining…


5 responses to “Update on Abigail (Dark Season 3.1) and the next Asylum books

  1. I just finished the second series of Dark Season, can’t wait for the last 8! Thanks for writing.


  2. Just read dark seasons volume 1and 2. I’m a vamp fan from way back when n this series of books is better than twilight and vampire diaries put together. I’m biting at the bit in anticipation for the finale! Love these characters


  3. I was just wondering if you were going to release the rest of the dark season series to barnes & noble? I have been looking for, but it still isn’t there.


  4. I finished the Dark Series but with the prollog Abby was a dr. Is there another book with her as a dr??? I read everything that was on your website. It says the end of series…I just making sure…thank you


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