Shelley (Dark Season 2.5) is out now!

Shelley (Dark Season 2.5) is out now, see the sidebar to the right for links to buy it from Amazon and Smashwords. It’s a story from the point of view of Sophie’s best friend Shelley, who finds herself being drawn into a dangerous relationship with a mysterious guy she meets at work. As you might expect, things aren’t what they seem and soon Patrick is on the scene. But where’s Sophie?

As it happens, Shelley isn’t the only one who’s wondering where Sophie is. Her little brother is also concerned, and his attempts to find her form part of the plot of the next book, Spider, Spider (Dark Season 2.6). Set for release next week, this is the story of what happens when Patrick tries to defy a prophecy. He hopes he can just ignore his destiny, but soon dark forces begin to gather and it becomes apparent that the prophecy is trying to reassert itself.

Amazingly, after these two books, there are just two more left in the second series of Dark Season. There’ll then be a break for a few months while I do some other things (including some books I’m hoping to get done), and then Dark Season will return for its third and final series. I’m also working on some new Lupine Howl books, which will hopefully arrive in October. And now it’s late and I’m off to bed, ’cause I’m tired and I’m supposed to be digging up part of the garden in the morning. Good night!


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