Tenderling (Dark Season 2.4) is out now, PLUS a new way to read Dark Season on a Nook

Tenderling (Dark Season 2.4) is out now, see the link in the sidebar to the right. It’s the story of a woman in the 19th century who’s haunted by dreams of Patrick and Sophie. Oh, and there’s a Tenderling on the loose, which makes the book a kind of sequel to The Civil Dead (Dark Season 1.4) in some ways. And then Patrick seems to be entering the woman’s life in some surprising ways.

I really want to thank Cynthia Hall for leaving a comment on the site, explaining that there’s a Kindle app from the Amazon app store that can be used to read Kindle books on other ereaders. So people using Nooks, iPads and other devices should be able to get the books from Amazon and still read them without a Kindle. I had no idea you could do this! I’ll keep putting the new books on Smashwords for now, but I’m glad to hear about the app solution.

I’m releasing the new Dark Season books a few days ahead of schedule each week, mainly because Amazon has been a little unpredictable lately. When I load up a new book, it should take about 24 hours to become available, but once or twice recently (especially at weekends) it has taken more like 3 or 4 days. So while each book is due on a Saturday, they’ll probably be appearing on the previous Wednesday or Thursday from now on. Next week is Shelley (Dark Season 2.5).


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