The Ghost of the Girl in the Well (Dark Season 2.3) out now!

The Ghost of the Girl in the Well (Dark Season 2.3) is out now. You can get it from the main Amazon site as well as Amazon (UK). Also, if you’re a Nook user (or any other device), you can get it from Smashwords. Wherever you buy it, the price should be the same: 99 cents (or equivalent in another currency), although I’ve heard that users in some countries get charged extra when they buy from the main Amazon site.

Next up is Tenderling (Dark Season 2.4), which will be released in one week. It’s the story of a woman named Evangeline LaCroix who is plagued by dreams. In those dreams, she encounters a girl named Sophie who’s running from a creature named Patrick. The year is 1885. Is Evangeline LaCroix crazy, or is she dreaming of people from the future? And is there something else stalking the corridors of Evangeline’s home?


2 responses to “The Ghost of the Girl in the Well (Dark Season 2.3) out now!

  1. I devoured all of Season 1 feverishly. I couldn’t leave the house until I finished! Can you disclose whether there will be an HEA for Patrick and Sophie? I just purchased Season 2 and I am so excited. Thank you for sharing your immense talent.


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