The Sickening King (The Grid II) out now, Nimrod (Dark Season 2.1) coming on July 7th

The Sickening King (The Grid II) is finally available at Amazon. The first book in the series came out more than three months ago, so it’s fair to say that I took my time with this one. The Sickening King sees Emma trapped at a nuclear facility as a deadly parasite makes its presence felt. The book gives an indication of how the series is going to progress. The next instalment of The Grid will be Stories From The Grid (The Grid III) in July, followed by Medusa (The Grid IV) and The Shattered Hand (The Grid V). There’ll then be three more books to round out the series.

Meanwhile, Nimrod (Dark Season 2.1) is next, and will be available from July 7th. I’ll be releasing one Dark Season book per week for eight weeks in series two. The titles and dates are:

Nimrod (Dark Season 2.1) – July 7th
Shy People (Dark Season 2.2) – July 14th
The Ghost of the Girl in the Well (Dark Season 2.3)
– July 21st
Tenderling (Dark Season 2.4) – July 28th
Shelley (Dark Season 2.5) – August 4th
Spider, Spider (Dark Season 2.6) – August 11th
Fangs Out (Dark Season 2.7) – August 18th (this title might change)
The Death of Sophie Hart (Dark Season 2.8) – August 25th

After series two has finished, there’ll be another break and then, before the end of the year, the third and final series will be released. The thought of ending Patrick and Sophie’s story permanently is kind of scary, but fortunately I’ve known all along exactly how it finishes. Let’s just say there’s a very definite resolution and after book 3.1 you’ll see how the story is over. But that’s a long way off yet. Hope you all like series two when it arrives…


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  1. Will u please send me this book i am a nook user if u remember u sent me the first series to


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