Why Dark Season isn’t for children, and why (I think) it’s different to Twilight

I recently noticed a really unusual comment on the Barnes & Noble page for Dark Season: The Last Vampire, and it got me thinking. The comment was from someone who hasn’t read the book, and wanted some advice before downloading it. Specifically, the person said:

I need to know is there any sex sceans in it? Im only twelve

This struck me as interesting for a number of reasons. First, there’s no function to actually answer the question. There are sex scenes in the book, and there’s some quite nasty violence as well, as the description makes clear. But second, I was struck by the idea of this 12-year-old trying to find suitable ebooks without any real help. And without wanting to sound moralistic or judgemental, I found myself wondering about a 12-year-old who’s using the internet and having to ask these kinds of questions. The whole thing just struck me as quite a sad situation.

The other thing I noticed was people saying the book is a bit like Twilight, and others disagreeing. I’ve honestly never read any of the Twilight books, but I think I’m going to have to get around to it. From what I know of the series, I get the feeling that Dark Season is very different, but I think it’s time to find out for sure. So I’ll be getting the first one from Amazon this week and giving it a try. I’ll report back on my findings!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! A Spotter’s Guide to Werewolves (Lupine Howl III) is almost done and should be out on Sunday, after which I have to finish up Carnival of Wolves (Lupine Howl IV) and The Sickening King (The Grid II) and… Oh, there are so many to get finished! There’s also 20th Century Vampire (A Dark Season Prequel), Letters From Ted (more about that later) and a sequel to Death of Claire to be working on. And I have a life too, with people I need to spend time with! Oh well, I’m going to take a break now and watch Stardust. And yes, I’ve seen it before…


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